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In the most recent Unified Command Post, the Minister of Health, Ferdinand Ruizassured that the country must be attentive to an increase in the transmission of coronavirus.

In his speech, Ruiz indicated that “there are probabilities of high contagion in the coming days. We have to look at what is happening in the US and other countries where there is a high level of affectation by (the variant) omicron”. The official referred to the increase in covid cases that the US is registering, which in recent days has again reported increases in infections: only this May 12, more than 115,000 new ones were registered in 24 hours.

Faced with these scenarios, the head of the health portfolio pulled the ears of the EPSfor not ensuring access to the anticovid vaccination.

“We have had quite a few requests from people who have gone looking for their second booster dose and have not found it. So insurers and providers must apply them, because there are vaccines, “said Ruiz.

It is worth saying that for two weeks the National Government stopped reporting the number of infections daily and now publishes them every Thursday. The last report documented 1,671 new infections and one positivity (the number of tests that come out positive.

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