“Health Ministry confirms 16 positive cases of cholera in Barahona”. daily list

The Ministry of Public Health confirmed that 16 cases of cholera were recorded in Barahona province, where 14 are of Haitian nationality and two are Dominican.

Through a press release, the unit indicated that the analyzes that were conducted on the patients He showed an outbreak of diarrhea and tested positive.,

In view of this, he indicated that the affected people were treated at Jaime Mota Hospital and sent to their homes.

The results were received, the people were treated at the said hospital and sent to their homes.

Similarly, he indicated that the outbreak of acute diarrhea, which is affecting the residents of La Cienega in the aforementioned province, is due to Consumption of contaminated water.

In this sense, the Minister of Health, Daniel Rivera, ordered interventions and reinforcements in the area, and permanent monitoring of the patients who are treated in the primary care unit of La Cienega and Jaime Mota Hospital in Barahona.

The institution said a plan was implemented that includes erecting an epidemiological fence in areas of communities where cases of people suffering from diarrhea have been confirmed.

For this reason, technical staff organized vaccination sessions on cholera, hydration, medication, distribution of flyers with preventive recommendations. About diarrhea, cholera, gastrointestinal problems and other conditions.

Whereas, with the assistance of the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewage (INAPA), they are distributing appropriately chlorinated water in the communities for domestic use, placing water tanks at various strategic points with easy access for housewives .

According to the Ministry of Health, Inapa began work on retrofitting various pipes that recently collapsed due to the collapse of an area of ​​the San Rafael Aqueduct that supplies the population, all as a result of torrential rains. Recorded in the area.

In reported cases, patients have comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis C, pneumonia, chronic kidney failure and HIV.

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