Health offers 16 contracts to resident doctors who finish their training

Segovia General Hospital
Main entrance of the General Hospital of Segovia. / WAITER

The Ministry of Health will offer 16 contracts in the province to resident doctors who finish their training in the centers of Segovia. This strategy is part of the Professional Loyalty Program launched in the Community to avoid the departure of health professionals to other destinations.

Specifically, of these 16 contracts offered, a total of ten are for positions in hospital specialties, while another six are for Family and Community Medicine.

As explained by the Board, the objective of this program is the permanence of the residents trained in its centers through the performance of care and training or research functions, given that in previous calls this program “It wasn’t very successful.”

This strategy is not exclusive to the province of Segoviaextending to all Castile and Leon. At the regional level, the places offered to resident doctors amount to 314, 176 places for hospital specialties, 128 for Family and Community Medicine and 10 for Pediatrics in Attention Primary.

This year, as a novelty, residents who complete their training will be offered a three-year contract -the maximum allowed- and a salary in line with that of a specialist specialist in an area within Sacyl, in addition to the “attractive to be able to do your postgraduate degree for free, like a master’s degree” in which 25% of the working day will be devoted to this training and research.

Segovia has not assigned any place for the moment after seven days of allocation of positions MIR (Hospital resident). His case is far from unique, repeating this situation in the provinces of Avila, Palencia, Soria and Zamorain addition to the area of Bierzo.

Since the process to choose a place to carry out residency in a hospital or health center in some of these provinces began on Friday, April 29, it has not aroused interest among the 2,800 first applicants MIR. Therefore, they are unappetizing destinations for doctors and after a week they keep intact the initial offer of access to Specialized Health Training for the call for the year 2022. This classification is only shared by the provinces of Huesca Y Teruelin addition to Ceuta Y Melilla.

On the contrary, and according to data from the Ministry of Health, Valladolid Y Salamanca, as is often the case, are the provinces with the highest number of awards to date, with 30 and 27 seats, respectively. They are completed with eleven in León and ten in Burgos.

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