Health reinforces Precision Medicine as a tool for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases

The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs is committed to the implementation of Personalized and Precision Medicine in the Andalusian public health system, a new discipline analyzes the genetics, the environment and the lifestyle of the patient in order to select the treatment that could work best for their pathology.

To achieve the implementation of this discipline with full guarantees of success, since 2021 the Andalusian Training Program in Personalized and Precision Medicine (PANMEP) has been developed for 23 public health professionals who currently carry out internships in Granada and Seville, specifically in the laboratories of the GENyO research center, the Pathology Anatomy laboratories of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital and at the IBIS Biomedicine Institute. Through this program, the SSPA expands the number of professionals in all provinces with care capacity to perform precision medicine techniques.

In the practical part, participants perfect their skills in the use of new technologies such as molecular analysis of patient samples through next-generation sequencing (NGS) or digital PCR, that offer great precision in the results.

These sessions also cover the analysis of liquid biopsies, focused on the study of circulating tumor DNA and circulating tumor cells. This clinical tool has proven essential both to identify the presence of hidden disease that is not detected by conventional tools, and for real-time monitoring of the patient’s progress and their response to administered treatments.

The PANMEP program, taught within the framework of an agreement with the International University of Andalusia, is made up of 9 modules taught over 9 months and has the technical and methodological support of the IAVANTE line of the Progreso y Salud Foundation and the collaboration of the pharmaceutical company Janssen. It takes place over 149 teaching hours, of which more than 80 are face-to-face, coordinated by professionals with outstanding experience in the field. such as María José Serrano, Enrique de Álava, Joaquín Dopazo, María José Sánchez and Manuel Romero-Gómez, and leading teachers in the different modules.

The General Secretary of Public Health and R&D&i in Health, Isaac Tunisia, has highlighted the pioneering role of Andalusia in the implementation of this program that will train Andalusian professionals in the most advanced techniques of precision medicine, line explicitly marked in the Health R&D Strategy 2020-2023 of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

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