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Excessive heat Named after the Greek myth, suffocation, SweatOverwhelmed… all these words are really familiar to us during the summer This has a brutal effect on our fatigue. Record temperatures have completely melted our bodies and souls in several consecutive heat waves that have hit Spain this past month.

likely to deal with extreme heat with Air Conditioning That’s not great when the monthly bill arrives and it’s time to look for ways to save. Many people opt for a much cheaper resource: a fan traditional, more cumbersome to transport, or of those neck, more and more fashionable For those of you who just want a gust of wind straight in the face.

What are the benefits and risks of these devices?

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first and foremost advantage This device, which is becoming more and more fashionable, is its competitive price, With a proliferation of different models and brands offering increasingly sophisticated instruments, we’ve noticed a huge increase in the offerings of neck wrenches in recent months.

For example, on Amazon, it is possible to find models like the Courtney brand for 10 euros, of which the Pro models cost between 50-60 euros, much more expensive, and far from what we need. Victory over the freshness of the face and neck, He half price The number of models with lots of positive reviews does not exceed 20 euroSo it is a great option which will not have much effect on our economy.

In this Design, ergonomics and consumption There is also consensus. Compared to older models with uncovered blades that were prone to hair entanglements, we already have a number of models with more cutting edge designs that USB charged, Most of the top rated neck fans They are ergonomic (they adapt to the neck) And the turbines should be covered with grid.

In addition, it is no longer necessary to constantly use the hand to hold them in front of the face, as was the case with the first models that became popular. The neck fans with the most positive reviews are kinda like fancy headphones And they don’t clash with our everyday clothes at all.

Are they harmful to health?

As with traditional fans, the first objection we might object to is this type of device. He Air flow usually present continuously on the face mites, dust and even pet hair, it can dry out the skinBut above all, the eyes.

In addition to all this, we also run the risk that a gust of fresh air will arise respiratory tract infection, Conjunctivitis And otitis, If we use it right after shower or bath and our face and body are wet. Pathogens are more easily manifested when there is moisture in the mucosa of the external auditory canal.

Same happens if we don’t clean the device from time to time bladeWell Dust and fine particles can accumulate And send them straight to our eyes and mouths. If we suffer from spirit or respiratory allergies, it is even more important to follow Manufacturer’s Health Recommendations, There is an additional problem: it is possible that, if we choose a cheap model with a modern design, the turbines are covered with a plastic band and we will not be able to clean them properly and remove the particles stuck to them. blade

,(Not recommended) For those who suffer from allergies, especially in the nose, which is called vasomotor rhinitis, occurs. This will lead to more blockage of mucus secretion and can lead to infections and colds”, explains Renato Casanova, neurologist at the Hospital dos de Mayo, referring to some of the problems arising from the use of conventional ventilators.

people with weak neck muscles Or on the basis of some sensibility a decision has to be taken to pick one of these fans. The weight of the device is not excessive (about 250 grams), but, as indicated by Dr. Martin Almendros at Saber Vivir, “there are people, especially those who already have basic muscle tension, and especially The base muscles are the skull, in which a 250-gram instrument could be the straw that broke a camel’s back”, and also refers to a certain type of fan user, who are very sensitive to weight in certain areas of their body. . ,They contract and cause pain. neck pain, headache and even dizziness”.

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