Health sends careful reminder to those who sell vapes to minors

A few weeks ago the story of a 16-year-old boy who was in intensive care due to health complications stemming from vaping came to light.

For this reason, the authorities remind you that according to Law 10,066, it prohibits the sale of these devices to minors.

What does the law say? According to Article 3, the use of vaping devices in schools and colleges is prohibited, as is the sale to minors under the age of 18.

“It is established that public, private and training educational centers are prohibited places for the use of these devices and it is mentioned that the sale to minors of electronic nicotine administration systems (ENDS), similar systems without nicotine (SSSNs) is prohibited.) and electronic devices that use heated tobacco and similar technologies, their accessories and other complementary goods, including liquids for their use; for these purposes, a warning about this prohibition must be displayed on sellers of these devices. Must be placed on a visible sign in the concerned establishment,” the law says.

Article 36 of the law, as a restriction, establishes a fine of 10% of the basic salary for people who smoke in prohibited places. Penalties for selling vapes to minors have not yet been established, as they do not yet have related regulations.

The Ministry of Health reminded that in recent months there have been confirmed cases of health complications from the use of electronic nicotine administration systems (ENDS), similar nicotine-free systems (SSSNs) and electronic devices that use heated tobacco.

Vaping can cause lung infections, whether caused by bacteria or viruses, and increase the risk of illnesses such as the common cold, flu, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

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