Health, the blacklist of foods to avoid

When it comes to health, prudence is never enough. And since even what we eat has a significant impact on the well-being of our body it is good to know what you buy and bring to the table.

To give us a hand in this regard is the Coldiretti dossier on “The black list of the most dangerous foods” presented by Coldiretti at the XIX International Forum of Agriculture and Food on the basis of the findings of the latest report of the European Rapid Alert System (RASFF), which records food risk alarms verified for chemical residues, mycotoxins, heavy metals, microbiological pollutants, dioxins or additives and dyes in the European Union in 2020.

In Italy – says Coldiretti – more than eight out of ten food alarms have therefore been triggered due to dangerous foods from abroad (81%).

But what are the most dangerous foods? Sesame seeds from India, cheap chicken from Poland, Turkish fruits and vegetables, Brazilian black pepper stand on the podium of the “blacklist” of the most dangerous food products for health detected in the EU, which also includes peanuts from the USA and Argentina, Turkish and Iranian pistachios and French oysters, according to Coldiretti elaborations on Rassf data.

At the top of the ranking of countries from which the most contaminated foods come are India, responsible for 12% of food alarms triggered in Europe, Turkey with 10% and Poland (10%) but concerns – continues Coldiretti – they also come from France (6%), Holland (6%) and China (6%).

AND Italians have every right to worry, since our country imported 7 million euros of sesame seeds from India in 2020 for a total of almost 5 million kilos, while 14 million kilos of chicken meat arrived from Poland for an amount of over 20 million euros and the import of fruit and vegetables from Turkey has even reached 416 million euros, according to Coldiretti’s analysis of Istat data.

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