Health urges avoidance of tiger mosquito breeding sites to prevent their spread

Health urges avoidance of tiger mosquito breeding sites to prevent their spreadThe Ministry of Health is urging people to avoid tiger mosquito breeding sites to prevent its spread through an information campaign aimed at the entire population, which includes a number of tips and preventive measures to avoid possible bites from these insects.

The goal is to sensitize the entire community about the importance of developing effective measures to prevent the spread of the tiger mosquito, as it can transmit certain diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya or Zika.

According to Public Health Director General Ruth Uso, “fighting the tiger mosquito is everyone’s business. Therefore, it is very important to unite the efforts of all sectors of society and involve institutions, municipal and local authorities, as well as the population in general, to stop the spread of these insects.”

For this reason, “through this campaign of the General Directorate of Public Health, we want to convey certain tips that are very simple and ultimately very important as they contribute to the eradication of the presence of this type of mosquito. in our Communitat,” Ruth Uso said.

“In order to avoid possible diseases transmitted by tiger mosquitoes through bites, the most effective measure is the elimination of nesting sites,” the general director said. It should be noted that in urban centers, approximately 70% of the spread of this insect occurs on private property, so the cooperation of city residents is essential.

In this sense, in order to reach the entire population, the information campaign “Invasion of the Tiger Mosquito” will be disseminated through the media, social networks and on the website of the Ministry of Health. special portal for the tiger mosquito.

In order to suppress possible sources of reproduction, the campaign emphasizes the importance of avoiding or keeping dry containers that may accumulate water, even in small quantities.

It is also advisable to cover containers that cannot be emptied with a mosquito net; Empty and remove saucers from pans as water accumulates; periodically check gutters and gutters; empty inflatable pools or keep decorative fountains and pools clean and disinfect them with chlorine, etc.

In addition, to avoid bites, it is recommended to protect yourself during the hours of greatest mosquito activity; Avoid using perfumes as they may attract insects, or use appropriate and approved repellents.

Help for municipalities
In particular, the Ministry of Health is providing assistance to municipalities in the Valencian Community to develop plans to control the spread of the tiger mosquito. In particular, 350 thousand euros have been allocated in the form of subsidies for 2024.

In addition, given the relevance and impact on public health of the diseases that it can transmit, the scope of assistance has been expanded to include the control of other mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ticks, etc.

On the other hand, the environmental health technical staff of the General Directorate of Public Health also cooperates with municipalities by providing advice and participating in information sessions held for the population.

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