Health will authorize the fourth dose of the covid vaccine for those over 80

The experts of the Vaccine Conference are clear that the fourth dose of the covid vaccine must be administered to those over 80 years of age and those who live in nursing homes. In total, about 3 million people. It will be the second booster dose, which is already administered in immunosuppressed patients. There is a rush, they acknowledge, because the latest data on the incidence in this age group is not good. And in this group the result of an infection can lead to admission to hospital, according to sources in the presentation to this newspaper.

They have been working on it for several weeks, finalizing a strategy that the Public Health Commission is expected to approve this week or, at the latest, the next. Those responsible for public health from both the ministry led by Carolina Darias and those from the autonomous communities already discussed it at last week’s meeting and there was a unanimous consensus to administer it as soon as possible.

Third dose residences Catalonia

Vaccination of the first booster dose in residences began last September

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According to data provided by the Ministry of Health last Friday, the 14-day cumulative incidence in those over 80 years old amounts to 731.31 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 70 points more than last Tuesday. An increase that is also verified in the data related to citizens between 70 and 80 years old, who have risen 50 points in three days, from 531 to 583. Slightly less, 40 points, the incidence has increased between those between 60 and 70 years. Another worrying fact is that the positivity of diagnostic tests exceeds 25%, a figure that has clearly not stopped rising for three weeks.

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These increases have translated into a slight increase in hospital admissions, reaching almost 5% of the occupancy of beds by covid patients. The ucis, however, continue at around 3.7% occupancy.

The situation is not the same in all communities. Asturias, the Canary Islands, Extremadura and Castilla y León recorded incidents at 14 days in those over 80 that were higher than the average. In fact, Asturias requested this week, with the entry into force of the end of the ban on wearing masks indoors, that the population continue to wear them, especially those over 60, the immunosuppressed and pregnant women. Asturias is the community with the highest proportion of the elderly population and in recent weeks has experienced a considerable increase in cases among the most vulnerable.

On April 6, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) opened the door to administering the extra dose to those over 80 years of age after studying the data on the increased risk of serious disease in this age group and the protection provided by the new puncture. Italy and France have already approved it.

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