HealthSense Nephropoc®, the only portable device for diagnosing and monitoring kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), which affects 10% of the world’s population, is considered a public health problem and a health priority to prevent progression to more advanced stages of the disease.

Cairn Pharma has started marketing in Spain and Portugal HealthSense Nephropoc®, the only in vitro self-diagnosis device that can be used by the patient himself and which allows early detection and monitoring of chronic kidney disease (CKD) . According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CKD… + Read More

Four new generation drugs expand Cairn Pharma’s diabetes formulary

Sitagliptin Kern Pharma EFG, Sitagliptin/Metformin Kern Pharma EFG, Vidagliptin Kern Pharma EFG and Vidagliptin/Metformin Kern Pharma EFG are indicated for the treatment of type II diabetes. +Read more

Latest combination of Pirfenidone Kern Pharma Efgel, Kern Pharma Vedemecum

The laboratory will market two presentations of this drug, one of them in two formats: 63 tablets of 267 mg and 252 tablets; And 801mg 84 tablets. +Read more

Kern Pharma expands its cardiology portfolio

This medicine is indicated for the treatment of high cholesterol and prevention of heart disease. +Read more

Decline in kidney function is related to cognitive impairment

New research has shown a link between kidney disease and the development of cognitive problems. +Read more

Kern Pharma Biologics expands its portfolio of monoclonal antibodies

Kern Pharma Biologics offers the only biosimilar of adalimumab 80 mg high concentration solution for injection in 0.8 ml prefilled pen. +Read more

Acute kidney injury does not worsen kidney function in people with CKD.

AKI does not predict worsening renal function trajectories once differences in pre-hospitalization characteristics are taken into account. +Read more

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