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next Monday 27 August will start school year 2023-2024 So it is the right time for boys and girls to start healthy nutrition This benefits their academic performance.

nutritionist Melina Izaguirre Verashare for Sun of Hermosillo importance of a “Healthy Lunch Box”as well as a series of recommendations so that parents have an idea about Foods that should be included in breakfast of their children.

“now in back to school It is important that we consider some of the characteristics that a lunch boxSometimes we believe that it should only contain fruits, vegetables, chicken or fish and some seeds like walnuts or almonds and thus it will be healthy”, he said.

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In this sense, he reiterated that the midday meal must be healthy and must meet some of the characteristics of a correct diet, ie complete, balanced, adequate and varied.

He further said healthy lunch box can be integrated with all food groupsBut the ideal is that they harmonize or look good, that they smell delicious, such as distributing them in Tupperware of pleasant and attractive colors for children.

“Some foods that they like and that are healthier are, for example, nopal churitos, amaranth, baked potatoes, dehydrated vegetables like sweet potatoes or beetroot, and that can be a very good option,” he added.

Similarly, he reiterated that you can add cheese to tuna, ham or avocado sandwiches, as well as some sandwiches that include jam, caramel or peanut butter, without any problems, as long as the portions are small.

“Let’s remember that they are children and if they haven’t been taught to eat fruits and vegetables since they were little, it can be a bit difficult to introduce them to this diet when they are older because they are not used to those tastes. It doesn’t get used to,” he explained.

What other options are there?

nutritionistreiterated that there are always other options Babies who don’t get fruits and vegetables And the main thing is to find the ones to your liking and add a little chili powder to give them a more piquant flavor.

“It can be grated carrots with beetroot and a little chili or lemon, seasonal fruits that are fresh such as apples, bananas, oranges, tangerines, for example, in the case of apples, a preparation that children love. Have him on top of sliced ​​or diced apples with peanut butter or raw oats or sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon.

On the other hand, he also shared A great option is to make homemade popcorn for the kids. Whereas in case of drinks you can include natural juices like green, orange, carrot juice or whatever is colorful and give them a creative name.

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“The compartmented Tupperware you can put seeds in, another tuna sandwich on the other, two cookies of your choice on the other, nothing happens if they eat a small amount, I tell parents that They should divide the plate and send all of them to the children’s food groups,” he said.

At the end Told parents to be aware of what their kids eat and keep up with nutrition educationThat is to say, teach them what are the appropriate foods and set examples mainly from home, as minors are growing up and avoid consuming soft drinks because of their high sugar content, as kids today at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Among some other maladies that result from being overweight or underweight due to malnutrition.

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