Healthy nutrition and physical exercise: the recipe of the Carabinieri for psychophysical well-being

There fitness it’s important. Especially for the carabinieri, engaged many times in delicate enterprises that require physical commitment. Jointly resuming correct lifestyles, with a healthy and varied diet and regular physical exercise, will certainly make an essential contribution not only for the weight control, but also for the health and psychophysical well-being of the carabinieri, thus being able to enjoy all the benefits it entails both for the body, of course, and for the mind.

In a recent circular In fact, the accent is placed on the psychophysical efficiency of the carabinieri and on the role of the administration. “In order to ensure the effective fulfillment of the specific institutional tasks and to avoid potential circumstances of related hardship – writes the Chief of Staff of the Carabinieri, Gen. D. Mario Cinque – the importance of the role played by the Commanders at various levels emerges, delegated both to “take care of the living conditions and well-being of the staff” and to “ensure compliance with safety and prevention rules to safeguard the physical integrity of employees “, As well as that of the employers, who are responsible, together with the other components of the device contemplated by the sector regulations, for the implementation of” voluntary health promotion programs “.

“It follows – the circular continues – the need for the ever greater diffusion of the culture of a healthy lifestyle, which includes the regular physical exercise, correct eating habits and periodic monitoring of the main parameters for the prevention of cardiovascular problemsthe.”

In synergy with the competent infirmaries, the alteration of the health of the carabinieri will be assessed (even in relation to cases of symptomatic excess weight) highlighting that any medico-legal measures are “measures” taken a advantage above all of the health of the individual, as well as due due to the responsibility attributed to the Administration for the safeguard of the Welfare And efficiency of the staff;

You will have to promote sporting activity, given the close correlation between physical exercise, mental health and well-being (mens sana in corpore sano), proceeding, by way of example, to the enhancement of unused spaces with the setting up of small gyms or the use of some gymnastic equipment (in compliance with the accident prevention provisions and the precautions contemplated in the current epidemiological emergency), as well as the promotion of agreements with gyms, sports centers and swimming pools.

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