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If you love sweets, you haven’t ordered Sunday dessert yet and you’re looking for healthy options, here we tell you about the ones that are: gluten-free, sugar-free or vegan. As mom needs or prefers to please her.

By: Jasmine Gomez Fleitas

IH Patisserie

It is a high-end creative pastry shop that has products of vegan origin and natural sugars, without refined additives. They range from macarons, petit fours, handmade chocolates to carrot cakes, very chocolatey cakes or desserts on the go; since on weekends they have their window open to stop by the premises or ask for delivery of whatever they have available.

Commanded by Ivonne Huber, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free desserts can also be ordered. In the window they also have vegan nutella, macadamia spreads and peanut butter, all lactose-free and without ingredients that contain gluten. They find her on Instagram as: @ihpatisserie


A gluten-free pastry that offers delicious and spongy options that you won’t even feel as if they weren’t made from wheat flour. Their cakes are the most popular: cheesecake, fruit cakes such as peach or mburucuya cakes, lemon pie, chocolate and dulce de leche, red velvet, brownie with dulce de leche and Italian meringue among many others.

They also have alfajores, cinnamon rolls with a vanilla, chocolate or dulce de leche bath, as well as croissants with or without filling, brigadeiros, cookies, and more. They have delivery or pick up at 0985 662344 and on Instagram as @sobremesapy.


The Praliné confectionery specializes in sponge cakes and they have options with rice flour and sweetened with stevia. Its menu includes classic orders such as: yogurt, marbled, orange, lemon, mburucuya or coconut. The most requested: chocolate, carrot, cinnamon, orange with chocolate chips and yogurt with chocolate chips. And the special ones like: carrot cake, chocolate volcano, etc.

They are located in Asunción in Facundo Machaín between RI 2 and RI18. You can pick it up and they also deliver to 0982 375500. On Instagram as @confiteriapraline

Asuka Gluten Free

It specializes in gluten and lactose free desserts. You can assemble your cake by first choosing your sponge cake: vanilla, orange, coconut, lemon, banana or chocolate. Second, the filling: vanilla pastry cream, cocoa pastry cream, chocomani, meringues or dulce de leche. Third, the coverage: meringue, vanilla or cocoa pastry cream. And the final touch of walnuts, almonds, kiwi, peach or strawberry.

They also have available donuts, apple tarts, strawberry, nutella, blackberry or guava shortbread; alfajores and more. You can find these desserts on the go at Biggies, Casa Rica, La Herencia, Deli Market, Mundi Mark. The central house is in Sargento Gauto, almost Venezuela, and the Pacheco house is in Pacheco 5044, almost Charles de Gaulle. On Instagram as @asukasingluten.

Keka Camperchioli

It specializes in healthy desserts with products without flour, without TACC, without lactose and without added sugars, which makes it viable for diabetics, as well as celiacs. Their cakes can be whole or in presentations of 500 ml, 350 ml or 500 gr. In addition they also have complete ice cream cakes.

Among its varieties are the 3 milks, cheesecake, paves, muffins, donuts, brownies, cookies and much more. In the link of the bio you can access their catalog as whatsapp that would be 0994 795263. They have for delivery and to pick up in San Blas almost López de Vega, Salemma area. On Instagram he is as @kekacamper.

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