“Heart attacks increased by 25%, effect of Covid”

TREVISO – Covid infections have led to a general increase in inflammation. And this is leading to another emergency that directly affects the heart. In recent months, illnesses have increased in the Marca. And unfortunately also the young broken lives. It is not just a feeling. “Between February and March, hospitalizations for heart attack and heart failure increased by 25% compared to the same period last year – he reveals Carlo Cernetti, 54, director of the cardiology units of Treviso and Castelfranco – the resurgence of events of this type follows a certain seasonality. But the current one seems to be very strong and violent ». So much so that it will now be the focus of a specific study between Cardiology itself and the University of Padua.

Doctor Cernetti, where does the current increase in heart attacks and heart failure come from?
«The resurgence of acute events even in young people has already led us to put forward hypotheses. The first is that the Covid epidemic has caused a huge increase in inflammation. And these represent a pre-condition that favors heart attacks and acute cardiovascular events ».

Just as we hope to be able to stabilize coexistence with the virus? To date, more than 271 thousand Treviso people have already taken Covid. Over 30% of the Brand’s population.
“These are the people who have had a positive swab. But we don’t really know how many actually came into contact with the virus. Certainly the number is gigantic. Covid is becoming endemic precisely because it has affected a very large segment of the population. Even if the certainty of possible coexistence will only come next autumn ».

With due admonition, it seems like a good thing.
“It is. However, this trend also ignited a phase of inflammation that could have a close relationship with acute cardiac, cardiovascular and cerebral events. The relationship between inflammation and heart attack is well established. It is no coincidence that in the winter months, with the circulation of viruses, there is an increase in heart attacks. And today the Covid infection has triggered a huge inflammatory response in the general population “.

What is the scheme?
“The virus leads to an increase in inflammation. Cholesterol plaques under inflammatory stress tend to ulcerate. To break. And so there can be a heart attack. Covid is continuing to run, it being understood that at the moment it does not seem to cause a dramatic problem of hospitalizations. In large numbers, vulnerable people are also affected. This can generate the acute event. And that’s not all ».

What else?
“After the Covid emergency, our life has undergone a re-acceleration. The levels of the hormones that regulate our days are much higher. Nor should the concern for war be overlooked. Putting together inflammation, stress related to the resumption and recovery of work activities and general fears, it is easy to think that the result determines an increase in acute cardiovascular events “.

How will you deal with the problem?
«In addition to the response in the field, without stopping, we will investigate it in collaboration with the University of Padua. Cardiology is an integrated part of the training course of specialists. In the coming months we will work on just this ».

Someone looks at the increase in illness by pointing the finger at the anti-Covid vaccination. Especially in the no vax galaxy.
There are no relationships. The vaccine prepares the body for a less violent impact with the virus. Let’s clarify: the damage from Covid is not linked so much to the virus as to a hyper-reaction of the immune system. It is no coincidence that drugs are given to reduce the inflammatory response. Vaccines, on the other hand, do not trigger this mechanism. The difference in the inflammatory response generated by contact with the virus compared to contact with the vaccine is enormous. And even those who became infected after being vaccinated did not have such a violent inflammatory reaction as those who had not been vaccinated ».

Could the postponement of some health services precisely because of the Covid emergency have somehow negatively affected heart attacks and heart failure?
“No. Because we have never slowed down the intervention machine. Indeed, we have performed even more than in 2019, the pre-pandemic era, growing between 15 and 18%. Last year there were 1,150 in Treviso and 800 in Castelfranco, only in the field of hemodynamics. Among all these, 1,500 angioplasty, 208 coronary valve implants, 50 for the closure of congenital defects, over 100 non-coronary and so on. Plus the implantation of 750 pacemakers: 450 in Treviso and 300 in Castelfranco. The absence of delays in the interventions, on the contrary, gives strength to the hypothesis of the problem linked to the increase in inflammation “.

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