Heartbreaking emails revealed: The real reason behind Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s vineyard fight

After more than a decade of marriage, the relationship between Hollywood celebrities Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has turned sour as an intense legal dispute is going on over the ownership of Chateau Miraval, the iconic vineyard located in France, which they owned. acquired during his marriage.

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The conflict began when Angelina Jolie decided to sell her stake in the business to Stoli, an outside entity run by Russian businessman Yuri Scheffler. In response, Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit against Jolie, alleging that she had breached an implied agreement not to sell the property without her consent and that the transaction was hostile in nature.

Recently an email has surfaced which is throwing new light on this bitter legal battle. This email, dated January 21, 2021, reveals an intimate part of the discussion between Jolie and Pitt. In the message, Jolie shared her feelings with Pitt about the property, and expressed her painful decision to part ways with Château Miraval. The email described how the property was an important location for the couple, both as a family business and as a venue for humanitarian and diplomatic events. Jolie describes how the vineyard was not only a haven for her, but also a place full of shared memories, such as the location of their wedding and a tribute to Jolie’s mother.

The revelations have added an additional layer of complexity to the ongoing legal battle. As legal representatives from both sides continue to exchange arguments and evidence in court, public attention turns to deeper details of a relationship once admired by many.

serious romance

As Brad Pitt continues a bitter legal battle with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie over the wine estate he shared for years, the actor is pursuing a strong romance with Ines de Ramón, a Spanish jewelry entrepreneur who according to reports , had stolen Pitt’s heart. since last december. Now, it looks like the romance has turned more serious, as Ines was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles wearing a showy necklace with a “B” on it, which various media speculate would be an early nod to Brad Pitt. Although there are already rumors that they will soon share the same roof, the Oscar-winning actor tries to stay away from it.

Indirect from Brad Pitt?

Angelina Jolie recently got a new tattoo in New York, and many of her fans are speculating that it could be a nod to her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. The tattoo artist in charge of this creation was ‘Mr. K’ Miley Cyrus, Matt Damon, Lewis Hamilton and Michael J. Fox, who have also chosen her as their artist. Through his official Instagram account, ‘Mr. K’ shared a photo of the palms of Angelina Jolie’s hands, however, he wanted to leave intrigue among his followers and pixelated the tattoo.

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Immediately, thousands of comments flooded in on the photo, speculating that it would be “Fuck” her ex-husband Brad Pitt, with whom she has been divorcing since 2019, because of the area in which it was taken. So the tattoo artist had to disable comments and wrote “This has nothing to do with Brad Pitt.” Then, he uploaded another photo of Angelina’s hands, but this time he revealed the design and explained its meaning. “First of all, I am sorry for all the bad speculation and I sincerely apologize to @angelinajolie for the stress this may have caused you. This tattoo represents two daggers in an abstract geometric shape / its nothing to religion or cross Nothing to do, ”explained Mr. K.

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