Heat and fog complicate Friday

AEMET issues an orange notice for both the circumstances for the weekend

  • Newsroom Fuerteventura
  • The State Meteorological Agency has raised warnings for heat and fog in Fuerteventura as we left yesterday. At the moment there is an orange notice for both situations, which calls for accountability, especially in central hours of the day.

    Temperatures will hover around 40 degrees in the inland areas of Fuerteventura, Tuineje, Antigua and Betancuria, according to a special notice from the Canary Islands government.

    In addition, it has been emphasized that the heat will be accompanied by smog which will affect the entire island.

    Health advises the most sensitive people to take precautions in the presence of haze

    The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Directorate General of Public Health, and given the forecast for the presence of haze over many islands for the next few days, recommends that the population take precautions such as avoiding prolonged exposure. Use outdoor air, keep windows closed and don’t exert yourself too much outside.

    Suspended dust contributes to drying of the respiratory tract and, on many occasions, can lead to an aggravation of conditions or symptoms related to respiratory diseases, such as asthma, people with chronic obstructive disease (COPD) who require emergency services and hospital admission. Let’s increase. some cases.

    Exposure to this pollutant can lead to chest discomfort, cough, hoarseness, fatigue, or an increased chance of a respiratory infection for at least five days after the onset of the episode.


    Therefore, the following measures are recommended for people vulnerable to these types of episodes – such as children, the elderly and people with chronic respiratory or cardiovascular diseases:

    Do not go out and keep the doors and windows of the houses closed.

    -Clean dusty surfaces with a damp cloth.

    Stay in a humid environment and stay hydrated.

    Do not do physical exercise outside.

    – If respiratory symptoms worsen, call 1-1-2.

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