Heavy rains cause problems in the home of Adamari López

Heavy rains in Miami, Florida, have caused some problems in the presenter’s backyard Adamari Lopezso she had to ask the husband of one of her best friends for help.

López uploaded a video on his official Facebook account where shows that your pool is about to overflow and confesses that he does not know what to do because he does not have the skills to solve this type of problem.

The presenter accompanied the video with a text that says: “It has been rainy days in Miami and I need a man to solve all the little problems at home, since Toni didn’t leave me instructions“. What worried López most was that if the pool finally overflowed, the water could enter his house.

Her friend’s husband explained what she had to do but she joked that she could get electrocuted doing it and that she would rather he did it.

In addition to the pool about to overflow, in the patio the water is also stagnating. To solve this, López asks his followers for help. She considers that the problem is that her patio does not have real grass but artificial grass.

Although the Puerto Rican says she needs her ex-husband Toni Costa to repair some issues in the house, it has to be said that since the separation she has made various repairs to the property, mainly in the patio.

In the video you can see that, also because of the rains, he had to cover the BBQ you bought in January this year. After buying this he decided to install a pergola, this installation was carried out by experts and At the end, he did not stop showing off the result in his networks.

Some weeks ago Toni Costa’s ex asked for help to recover the garden that she started during confinement but now it is in very bad condition. On this occasion, she confessed that his father had a very good hand with plants.

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