Hellen Pachón, the Colombian who is torn between life and death in Miami


A young Colombian woman is in a hospital in Miami and He is torn between life and death after a car accident. Her mother, who is in Colombia, asks for help to travel to see her daughter.

On January 26, Hellen Pachon, a 21-year-old girl who has lived in the city of Miami for a year, suffered a serious accident. Her mother told Caracol Radio that her daughter was riding a motorcycle in the morning when a truck ran over her, causing multiple injuries to his body.

Since then Hellen has been in a intensive care unit at Broward Health North hospital, away from his family. Her mother Paola Duran detailed her daughter’s state of health.

“She has lacerated her two lungs, her two legs, femur, tibia and fibula are broken, she has three broken ribs, but the most serious thing about the case is that she has a cerebral edema, where the doctors say that it is useless, that there is nothing to doDurán told Caracol Radio.

Paola Durán in the next few hours will request a humanitarian visa from the United States embassy in Bogotá to be able to travel and see her daughter, after the clinic will send her a letter requesting her presence given the seriousness of the case.

“They requested my presence so that I be with her, do her papers and everything. The doctors tell me that she has it connected until I arrive, ”Durán said.

In the last few hours, Paola Durán received an update from the doctors who are treating her daughter, Hellen showed a small reaction giving a light of hope to the family. It has only been recommended that you be present to make clinical decisions.

According to Durán, the Miami consulate is already in contact with Pachón’s family, who have offered him collaboration to request his emergency travel permit to the United States.

Durán assures that the information you receive about your daughter’s health status has been limited, Well, she receives it through a friend of her daughter who accompanies her in the hospital, but since she is not a direct relative, they cannot share more details with her.

“There is always a doctor who contacts me, her friend translates for me, asks me questions if she wants to know something, and tells me the steps to follow or what they are going to do, but that’s all,” said Durán.

Hellen’s mother does not lose hope, says that once she can see her daughter, the first thing she wants is look for the person responsible for the accident of whom nothing is known yet, and says that “with faith in God if everything goes well and she recovers, I want to bring her to Colombia and see what procedure she follows.”

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