“Hello, I’m your reporter and I’m an AI”. New technological frontier from China, but we are ahead

Hello everyone, I’m the artificial intelligence news host on the National Business Daily. I am the virtual twin of the original host. I was active, reporting the news, without you noticing it, for 70 days “

Artificial Intelligence-created news host N Xiaohei revealed himself to his viewers on December 20, 2021, after 1,700 hours of continuous live news broadcast.

On the same day, China’s state-run media National Business Daily (NBD) and artificial intelligence company Xiaoice jointly announced the official launch of their first-of-its-kind AI-powered collaborative live news broadcasting TV programs.

The television program is called “AI Business Daily”. It will broadcast financial news 24 hours a day, seven days a week, hosted by two AI news hosts, named N Xiaohei and N Xiaobai, technically supported by Xiaoice.

N Xiaohei and N Xiaobai are virtual replicas of two real-life news hosts: a man and a woman. Xiaoice Framework uses the data collected from the two real-life anchors to train its artificial intelligence models. Meanwhile, Xiaoice Neural Rendering (XNR) technology makes the facial expressions and body movements of virtual humans look real and natural. Xiaoice is none other than part of Microsoft Asia, so it is likely that, sooner or later, we will also find these conductors in the West. The CEO of Xiaoice said that there are already many prototypes of AI conductors created, with different physical and ethnic characteristics, so that they can be dedicated to single different types of listeners. Indeed, it is expected that it will be possible to create more AI than the Earth population.

AI has now surpassed man’s computing power, but it is completely devoid of ethics. Imagine a world in which communication relied on personalized Ai almost on a personal level, but where the contents of the communication itself were corrupted and decided from above. A very dangerous situation, because we would almost reach total personal control of the identity and will of men. Now you understand why this type of research is one of the priorities of the Chinese Communist Party.

This is a real threat to the future of humanity and only with personal judgment can we avoid it, not allowing information to be imposed by the other. But in Italy we are much further ahead than in China: here we have a large slice of information presenters on TV who are already complete automatons: the file to be recited is inserted and they repeat it endlessly without criticism and without variation. Ah, miracles of Mediterranean technology!

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