Henry Cavill is no longer the most handsome man in the world: Who surpassed him?

henry cavill
has been dethroned from first place as the most handsome man in the worldat least so far, according to published previews of the site’s survey T.C. Candler, causing much controversy on social networks. the protagonist of The Witcher remained in the first place for a long time, however, he has been relocated to the position of lieutenant at the hands of MRIleader of the boy band of k pop,


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Who is the most handsome man in the world?

His name is Kim Nam-joonalso known as RM or Rap Monster, leader of the acclaimed K-Pop project, BTS. Born in seoulcapital of South Koreaon September 12, 1994.

RM has stood out for being an excellent rapperin addition to composer Y producer.

Before BTS, Kim was a rising star of underground rap under the stage name of Runch Randa and later joined the group daenamhyup from 2009 to 2013.

In addition to music, RM was also an outstanding student, achieving high grades in his school days, as well as studying for a time in New Zealand. The rapper not only speaks his mother tongue, he is also fluent in English and Japanese, part of his good level of English is due to the fact that he saw several times friends to practice the language.

In addition to his work in BTS, he has released two mixtapes as soloist, graduates MRI Y Bowin addition to having collaborated on his own with artists such as Fall out Boy either Lil Nas X.

The 27-year-old artist has also shown his talent in dancing.

How’s the TC Candler poll going?

The poll created by TC Candler is published every year in December and has now advanced the preliminary results of this poll, where RM has appeared as a big winner so far, Henry Cavill is in second place, while third is

Bradley Cooper
, Brad Pitt the fourth and George Clooney the third.

According to the site, this is just a preview and the results are not final.

What is Henry Cavill currently doing?

At the moment, Henry Cavill is in recordings for the third season of The Witcherseries of Netflix where he plays Geralt of Rivia.

Your future in DCEU is becoming less uncertain after the merger of Warner with Discoverybecause in the changes that are being made to DC specifically, it is rumored that the new administration wants to return him to his role as


Ben Affleck
What Batman Y Gal Gadot What wonder-womanto focus the new structure of the universe on these three characters.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see the final results, where there is a chance that henry cavill surpass again Kim Nam-joon What the most handsome man in the world.

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