Her new friend is named Ashton and he is a blind boy whom she helps get to school.

Hilda Dunford is the mother of ashton, a blind child who is terrified of the new curriculum. Through social networks, Hilda sent a message that encouraged empathy, an understanding of what children with disabilities go through and how they deserve to be included, make friends, feel safe at school. little ashton fan Hugh Jackman Since ‘The Greatest Showman’, he has been surprised by the response of the actor, who has shared the story and asked his followers for help in meeting the boy and surprising him.

“Meeting him is going to be a dream come true,” the mother admits excitedly. Hugh Jackman has been lauded by all who have recognized the Aussie’s good heart. But the truth is that there are many stories that confirm that the artist known as Wolverine is ‘The Man. Spends a lot of money on his followers during one of his concerts on ‘The Music’. ‘The Show’ didn’t hesitate to get off stage to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a seven-year-old girl who had come to visit them from Florida. He is one of those people who stays on the red carpet until the last one signing autographs and who hangs material to promote the ‘promotion’ of premieres, like when he showed off his lobezmo ‘look’ for ‘Deadpool 3’. ‘ had taken everyone by surprise: « Feeling great”, published.

Having been operated on for two carcinomas on the nose, raising awareness against skin cancer, he has become an activist for sun protection, which he defends by posting messages on his social networks with the intention of preventing others from suffering from the same disease. Are.

Adoptive father of two children, he has been married since 1996 to actress and director Deborah Lee Furness, whom he met during his first job on a television series. The couple has a personal pact that has allowed them to remain one of the most solid couples in international cinema: neither projects that keep them away from home for long periods of time, nor work together Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman gave up dancing for rugby, but dancing remains one of his passions, which he is able to demonstrate in his role as presenter of the Tony or Oscar award ceremonies. He wanted to be a journalist before becoming an actor, but tried his luck and found that it was not his cup of tea.

He is charismatic, charming, and kind, but he is not a perfect person. at least that’s what his friend says Gus World’s End In the podcast ‘Something to Talk About’, Joe slides that he’s one of those people who doesn’t take out his wallet when it’s time to pay the bill and waits for someone else to take the invite. By the way, if we talk about their friendship then there is no such Ryan Reynolds, who came to ask for votes – mimicking him, graced – in order to win the recognition of the ‘world’s sexiest man’ from the Australian magazine ‘People’. With his Meter Ninety-Three, Hugh Jackman won the Street Award.

Everything for the ‘Fandom’

adele: The singer had no problem interrupting a concert to defend a fan who was recording herself with the selfie stick of her security team. “When you talked to me, I took my breath away,” the boy wrote on his network.

Keanu ReevesThe actor has many stories to share with his followers, but a very emotional one with an 80-year-old fan who fell in love with him because he reminded her of her husband. The actor called him and talked for a long time.

Henry Cavill: His nephew claimed to be his uncle Superman and they punished him at school because they believed he did all this, so the actor appeared at school so that teachers and students could see that he was not a liar.

Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Adele


Tom Cruise: In addition to being Hollywood’s ‘capo’, he is famous for the Christmas gift that all the stars wait for because they say it is the most delicious treat they have ever tasted: a handmade coconut cake. This is a VIP list.

Johnny Depp: As Captain Sparrow, the actor has visited cancer wards of children’s hospitals several times, where he played ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with the hospitalized children. They did it in Paris, in Australia, in London…

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