her ritual to disconnect before going to sleep

For the past few years, Kendall Jenner has suffered from anxiety. To relax before going to sleep and ensure a good night’s sleep, the youngest of the Kardashian clan has set up a well-established ritual.

Kendall Jenner leads a fast life. Model, reality TV star or even creator of the tequila brand “818”, the young woman is on all fronts. The other side of the coin? She has suffered from anxiety for several years.

Very open on the subject, she does not hesitate to share her tips for combating stress on social networks. In the list ? Play sports, walk in nature, meditate or indulge in the “Sound Bath”. And this time, it is in the columns of the British media “Vogue” that Kendall Jenner opened up: she shares her ritual to calm down before sleeping in order to fall asleep more easily. “I like to relax in the evening,” she begins by explaining. I usually drink tea and relax by reading a book or writing in my journal. A nocturnal routine that helps him calm his anxiety and anchor himself in the present moment. But that’s not all: to guarantee a real disconnection before joining the arms of Morpheus, Kendall Jenner refrains from touching her phone at least an hour before going to sleep. “If I need to relax, I do 15 minutes of meditation to calm my anxiety so I can get a good night’s rest,” the star says. Tea, meditation and no phone, we take notes!

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