Her sister and Bad Bunny’s embattled manager. Who really is Karol G’s manager?

Through various media, Carolina Giraldo Navarro, Karol G, announced that her sister and manager, lawyer Jessica Giraldo Navarro, is in charge of her career. At least, he highlighted this in a recent Instagram post in which he wrote that “family will always be the pillar of this project.” It was a nice phrase, but it may not agree with reality because everything indicates that Karol G’s real manager is Noah Assad, who is the same as Bad Bunny.

In the world of reggaeton there are many artists who prefer to be represented by their family or friends who instill a lot of confidence in them, even Karol G’s first manager was his father Guillermo Giraldo.

It is also customary to distribute this type of leadership in several hands, as is the case with J Balvin or Maluma, who have more than one manager. Furthermore, Balvin also started his career with his father and Maluma has put his father in charge of the management of many of his companies.

Last year, the tour was coordinated by Noah Assad, Bad Bunny’s manager and owner of Rimas Entertainment LLC $travel love journey, Karol G’s concert circuit grossed approximately $90 million, making her the highest-grossing single for a Latin female artist.

Last year, several specialized media referred to Noah Assad as Karol G’s manager. According to the artist’s publication the situation may have changed a few months ago.

Is Bad Bunny’s manager Karol G’s manager?

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, Karol G’s announcement, where she referred to her sister Jessica Giraldo as her manager, surprised some people and led them to think that La Bichota is no longer working with Noah Assad. . Some people fight, maybe?

A recent Bloomberg article highlights that Assad, who is also the manager of Bad Bunny, Arcangel or El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, will be behind the La Bichota show in Venezuela, which the company PPP Group will produce in March 2024. Is organizing for.

It is possible that there are other reasons why Jessica Giraldo is now above Noah Assad, who is currently one of the most powerful promoters in the world industry and it is related to a controversy that currently surrounds her record label Rimas Entertainment LLC. Is.

According to Bloomberg, Noah Assad’s partner and co-founder of Rimas Entertainment LLC is a man named Jose Junior Carabano, who organizes La Bichota concerts in Venezuela in conjunction with production company PPP Group.

Both would be partners of the former Deputy Minister of Legal Security in the government of the late President Hugo Chávez, a man named Rafael Jiménez Dan, who appeared as the sole owner of Rimas Entertainment LLC until 2018, when Noah Assad, 40, joined as a partner. Appeared in. % of share.

What is the real reason La Bichotta appointed his sister as manager?

Bad Bunny managers Noah Assad and Rafael Jiménez Dan met in 2014 when the former executive settled in Miami after leaving Venezuela and initially said he would make his fortune from opening restaurants.

In 2014, Rafael Jimenez Dan lent money to Noah Assad to open a recording studio and invested $2 million in the then-emerging company Rimas Entertainment LLC.

Bad Bunny signed with the label in 2017 and since then, his career has only been on the rise, especially during the pandemic when the artist became one of the most important in the world. The artist’s last tour with Noah Assad as manager and one of the owners of Rimas Entertainment LLC raised $434.9 million.

However, a lawsuit filed by Noah Assad’s ex-wife Gretchen Marie Hernandez Rivera revealed many private details and leaked information that until then had been confidential or, at least, little known to the media.

Gretchen Marie Hernandez Rivera argues that she knew Noah Assad before founding Rimas Entertainment and had a common-law relationship with him, so her fortune belongs to both of them. In the lawsuit he claims 50% of the multiple assets they acquired together, artistic representation agreements and more than $1 billion in cash.

In the document, Gretchen Marie Hernández Rivera details not only the contractual relationship between herself and her partner, but also exposes business relationships between Noah Assad, businessman José Junior Carabanño and former Miami-based Chavista vice minister Rafael Jiménez Dan. A connection they probably don’t want to make clear.

The lawsuit does not clarify the origins of the fortune of Rafael Jimenez Dan, who helped create the Rimas Entertainment LLC record label, but it does make clear that he will own 51% of the company, while a partnership between Noah Assad and Gretchen Hernandez will control. 49% is left.

A Bloomberg article published in early October 2023 highlights that Noah Assad has broken relations with the former Venezuelan minister, but clarifies that Jose Junior Carabanño’s production company PPP Group is involved in the production of Karol G’s shows in Venezuela. is behind.

In an article for Billboard he claimed that Noah Assad himself has admitted to his business relationship with Carabano in the past. There is still no clarity as to what the duties of Carol G’s sister and manager Jessica Giraldo are, nor what her role has been in organizing her concerts, including this performance in Venezuela.

Con Cora Foundation

In March 2022, Karol G launched her Kon Kora Foundation to provide support to girls, adolescents and women who are in vulnerable situations and need various types of assistance.

90% to 95% of the foundation’s employees are women. Among them, Karol G herself has praised the work of director Valentina Bueno (official) and other members of her work team, whom she has introduced through her social networks. On the page, Jessica Giraldo appears with Navarro’s status. Deputy Director General,

In 2023, Con Cora received the award feeling of hope Latin billboard for the philanthropic work and gender focus done by the Con Cora Foundation, acknowledging that the project has provided scholarships to incarcerated women and teen mothers.

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