Hercules and Lica de Canova – Michelangelo Buonarroti is back

The sculpture of the day that I propose to you today is the group of Hercules and Lica sculpted by Antonio Canova between 1795 and 1815.

The work was commissioned to the great sculptor Dal Prince Honorato Gaetani of Aragon in March 1795 exalt the Bourbon dynasty in Naples through a grandiose and powerful sculpture.

The group sculpted by Canova represents a story narrated by ancient poets.

Hercules is driven mad by the pain caused by the robe soaked in the poisoned blood of the centaur Nessus and grabs the young Lica to throw him into the air. Licas was guilty of giving the tunic to Hercules without knowing anything about it. Order of Dejanira.

Canova began working on the model of the work after receiving the commission but interrupted and resumed the work several times.

The original plaster model of Hercules and Lica by Canova, in the Gypsoteca of Possagno

After the events that upset Naples with the arrival of the French, the prince withdrew the commission from Canova. However, in 1800, the work it was bought by the Roman banker Giovanni Raimondo Torlonia.

At the time the work was exhibited, it was a great success but critics later lashed out bitterly at this masterpiece by Canovaconsidering it just an academic paper without emotions.

It is a sublime tragedy, and Euripides’ pen may rightly envy your chisel.

Melchior Cesarotti

Hercules was sculpted by Canova at the moment of maximum anger, expressed not only through his angry face but also in the muscular tension of his body.

Represented at the moment when he lifts Lica by one foot. the unfortunate young man trying to resist in vain clinging to the altar which is placed behind Hercules and to the lion skin that lies at his feet.

An instant later, Lica will be thrown into the waves of the sea.

The Hercules and Lyca group is now on display at the National Museum of Modern Art in Rome.

For the moment, your Michelangelo Buonarroti greets you, giving you an appointment for the next publications and on social networks.

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