Here are the best foods to keep your colon healthy: the ranking

To have a healthy colon and thus avoid constipation, you need to consume foods with a high fiber content. Fortunately, in nature there are many foods that contain it and therefore we can choose the one that suits us best. So as to avoid taking drugs that can solve the problem quickly but still not be effective.

The digestive system must not be induced by means of drugs to perform its function, otherwise it gets used to having to be stimulated and no longer does it automatically. We must therefore take those foods that promote metabolic stimulation and naturally convince the digestive processes to synthesize and expel waste substances.

Only in this way will we have a healthy colon capable of functioning thanks to a healthy and protected environment. A weakening of the same could lead to cases of bacterial infection, general weakness and fatigue, lack of concentration, widespread malaise and many other unpleasant manifestations.

How important is it to have a healthy colon?

The colon contains most of the immune cells, which means that a healthy immune system is closely linked to proper colon function. The bacterial flora on its side is made up of probiotic bacteria which not only help digestion to carry out its tasks but produces vitamins K, B7 and B12.

A healthy colon prevents the growth and proliferation of cancer cells and the formation of colon cancer. But other diseases can arise as a result of a poor intestinal flora such as Crohn’s disease, type 1 diabetes, certain types of allergies and celiac disease. Furthermore, the intestinal flora is responsible for serotonin, the enzyme that regulates mood.

Problems such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder are due to a low production of serotonin. It goes without saying, therefore, that a healthy colon produces, in a mirror image, well-being throughout the organism both physically and mentally.

Foods that heal the colon

To heal and cleanse the colon we must choose foods rich in fiber. Fruits and vegetables are among the foods that ensure a healthy colon. In particular, we will have to consume green leafy vegetables because they contain a high percentage of chlorophyll. This substance helps to clean up the intestinal tract effectively. It can also be taken in liquid form, mixed with a bottle of still water or make a cold herbal tea. We can add mint and lemon to the chlorophyll which stimulate the metabolism.

With a balanced diet we can take natural supplements based on probiotics and consume foods that contain them such as yogurt, kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut. But the vegetable proteins, easily assimilated, present in legumes and whole grains are also excellent. We prefer fruit to sweets in order to add other fibers, minerals and vitamins to our diet. And, finally, we can cleanse our body of toxins with a regular consumption of garlic and ginger, effective anti-inflammatories.

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