Here are the exercises you can do to look taller and fight stress

Exercises and physical activity are useful not only for strengthening the body, but also for fighting anxiety and stress.

Physical activity is often associated with the pursuit of objectives that are mostly aesthetic and related to the body’s resistance. In reality, sport allows you to rebalance your inner serenity, giving our body a real relief valve. The discipline that most of all manages to create a perfect harmony between strengthening and mental health is just that yoga. Practicing this kind of sport in fact inevitably involves the development of self-control, breathing, but also the ability to remain focused and present, totally freeing the mind.

Yoga (Pexels)
Yoga (Pexels)

This discipline includes a myriad of different positions and each of them not only affects a specific muscle group, but involves specific benefits regarding some psychophysical disorders. For example, if we refer to states of anxiety and stress, it is possible to counteract this emotional symptomatology through the execution of some very simple yoga positions. In the next section, we will analyze the simplest of all.

Anxiety and Stress: Learn to relax with yoga

Let’s talk specifically about the potion of the mountain, an exercise useful for stretching the muscles of the abdomen and back, but above all perfect for relaxing the nerves. Often and willingly in fact, anxiety somatizes in the stomach and in the gastrointestinal tract or turns into contractures at the level of the back and neck. By performing the mountain position, we will favor a relaxation of the muscles mentioned above and this will allow us to relieve the effects of anxiety.

Mountain location (Pexels)
Mountain location (Pexels)

The execution is very simple: you simply have to position yourself erect, with your feet firmly on the ground. At this point, take a deep breath and raise your arms to their full potential, being careful not to lift your shoulders and keeping your shoulder blades open. This position it will allow you to stretch your arms, back and abdomen. In addition, it promotes breathing as it allows the lungs to act to their maximum potential. In this way, not only will you eliminate contractures and abdominal pain, but you will be able to promote relaxation of the whole body (as well as stimulating the growth and elongation of the muscles, acquiring a few more centimeters). Seeing is believing!

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