here are the five keys to its success

This Monday, September 26, 2022, Fortnite Battle Royale completed the not insignificant figure of five years. The Battle Royale variant of Fortnite is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and we gamers can only imagine what the future holds. What is undeniable is its footprint in the video game industry; we collect here what were the keys to its success:

The collaborations: from John Wick to Goku himself

In the middle of 2022, Fortnite is synonymous with collaborations. Skins of all kinds have entered the game: superheroes and villains from Marvel and DC Comics, personalities from the music world, football players, influencers, manga and anime characters… even unexpected cameos like Chapulín Colorado himself.

fortnite battle royale 5th anniversary anniversary reasons why i win

Dragon Ball’s Fortnite collaboration was one of the most anticipated

What started as a curiosity (the first two in-game collaborations were Marvel’s Star-Lord and Black Widow skins), gradually became a constant and one of the hallmarks of Fortnite. It is true that a negative consequence of the collaborations is the “loss of value” of the original skins of the game, but you will not deny us that being able to manipulate Goku and shoot Ariana Grande is no fun.

At this point in the movie, many consider Fortnite to be some kind of super nostalgic childhood simulator. Think of when we were little, we played with dolls and figurines of all kinds, mixing them without any restraint to invent our own stories and let our imagination run wild. It’s Fortnite.

Scalability, accessibility and shared progress

Another reason for Fortnite’s success is the fact that it is available on all current platforms. And that includes mobile. And not only that; you don’t even need a particularly powerful mobile since in the middle of 2022 it’s perfectly possible to play Fortnite reasonably decently through cloud gaming with apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming or GeForce NOW. In addition, since the progress and purchase history are saved in the cloud, we can log in with our Fortnite account on any system and we will keep everything that has been purchased or unlocked without problems.

fortnite battle royale 5th anniversary anniversary reasons why i win

The ability to play Fortnite on any system is very appealing

To this almost universal availability, we must add the facilities that Epic Games has made for Cross-play, being the spearhead on this issue and forcing Sony to considerably relax its position in this matter. The one who gained a lot from all of this was the user, as the big releases outside of Fortnite today usually have cross-play across all platforms. In other words, if you play on PlayStation 5 and you have a friend with Xbox Series X, you can play with him even if you are on different consoles, for example.

In short: it’s not just that Fortnite is available on all platforms, it’s that it also allows users of one to play with those of others, effectively unifying its player base.

Ability to adapt to new trends

When Apex Legends was released, one of its positives over Fortnite was the fact that it had a ping feature that allowed players to place visual cues on the battlefield, visible to their teammates, and used to unequivocally mark points of interest on the field, brings a lot in the field of communication. Fortnite was quick to implement this feature, thus making this novelty obsolete and differentiator from Apex Legends. A similar operation occurred with Call of Duty: Warzone contracts; Fortnite also implemented them, adapting them to their context.

fortnite battle royale 5th anniversary anniversary reasons why i win

Fortnite’s Zero Build modes were first introduced as a trial, but they’ve stuck

Here, more than plagiarism or stealing ideas, we are talking about leaving the competition without this small advantage, while Fortnite continues to have what is surely the biggest differentiating element of the battle royale genre: construction. This ability to assimilate while being able to stick out your chest and say “we can have what you have, but you can never have this from us” is one of his great assets.

They even allowed themselves to experiment with unconstructed game modes which, having been happily welcomed by much of the playerbase, are here to stay. That said: Epic Games has the means and the experience to adapt at all times to what the public demands.

Spectacular in-game events

Epic Games’ ability to surprise everyone with its events is something we’ve rarely seen before in the gaming industry. They are one of the few studios capable of bringing together millions of players from around the world on a specific date and time so that they can enter their game to experience its story in first person.

Fortnite can be proud to have celebrated events as spectacular and varied as witnessing a fight between a mech and a kaiju, the absorption of all reality by a black hole, a desperate invasion of a mothership alien or a determined assault on a doomsday device piloting a giant robot.

And this to speak only of the events that have to do with the plot. There were also in-game gigs like Marshmello or Ariana Grande that delighted fans and less fans of these and other artists.

Solid and rock-solid gameplay

Of course, anything written before getting here would have no validity if the basis was bad. We’re talking about Epic Games; As the creators of Unreal Engine, they are the ones who know best how to exploit its graphics engine, and those who know how to push it to its limits. And that’s not to mention its three decades of experience developing multiplayer shooter titles. They’ve been in that genre’s Olympus with various sagas, like Unreal and Gears of War, and the Fortnite thing shouldn’t surprise anyone with that resume.

fortnite battle royale 5th anniversary anniversary reasons why i win

Fortnite’s success wouldn’t be possible without a solid gameplay foundation

But let’s get to what we’re going to do: Fortnite Battle Royale is, in essence, a hundred players on a huge island whose safe play area is reduced to force clashes between them. If you stay outside, you lose life until you die. The last player standing wins. To this basic formula are added variants in pairs, teams of three, four, modes with construction or without construction, variants for larger teams… all seasoned with excellent gunplay.

Fortnite is, and still is, extremely fun. Each new season brings changes to the map, available arsenal, and sometimes even mobility mechanics. It’s a game that’s always fresh, and all of that backed by a very solid foundation.

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