here are what you need to take to sleep peacefully

To make our sleep better it is essential to take the right amounts of vitamins and minerals that help us sleep well.

Vitamins: here are which are essential for the hair
Vitamins: here are which are essential for the hair

You know to eat well, do physical activity And to sleep well i am three factors iimportant for a healthy life. Especially the sleep is a very important aspect of our daily routine because it gives quality and quantity of sleep depend on so many factors that influence the health of our body.

An important factor is the amount of hours that we must dedicate to sleep. According to experts, the right proportion is between 7 and 8 hours a nightbut there are people who need more than hours so give it 9 to 10 hours a night or even there are those who need it less as alone 6 hours per night.

The benefits of good sleep and what to take to promote it.

Sweet sleep
Sweet sleep

If you sleep little, unpleasant reactions occur in our body and physical and mental health is compromised, for example there are depression, irritability and lack of energy such as fatigue.

Diseases too cardiovascular and the diabetes they are always on the prowl if you sleep little and badly. The key is to try to go to sleep at the same time and wake up at same time. Sort of a roadmap of sleep and wakefulness which must be respected.

Even the silence plays a vital role in sleep quality. Try to sleep in a room where there aren’t too many noises and where there aren’t too many screens like television, active computers.

To sleep it is essential to clean the brain of toxinsstrengthen the cognitive abilities, increase the capacity of the memory. With sleep, a protein is eliminated beta amyloid which is closely connected with the pathology ofAlzheimer’s.

A good relaxing herbal tea it definitely helps us sleep better. A correct Power supply promotes sleep as well as consume white meats, fish, dried fruit, apricots, milk and lettuce.

But there are also gods minerals And vitamins fundamentals to take before going to to sleep which would improve the quality of sleep for a better awakening and health of our body. Among them thel potassium and magnesium, if taken they are essential to sleep well. Also there melatonin and vitamin B6 they are great allies for a healthy sleep.

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