Here is a spectacular panorama of Mars taken by the Curiosity rover

Mars is definitely an uninhabited, deadly and hostile place for humans, which is why we prefer to observe it through a screen. Fortunately, the material is not lacking, and thanks to the spacecraft sent to the Red Planet we can have at least a “taste” of the breathtaking view of the celestial body.

Just recently, in fact, NASA’s Curiosity rover snapped one truly amazing photo of Mars. “NASA’s Curiosity rover captured an extraordinary image from Mount Sharp“, can be read in a blog post on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) website (to see the high-resolution image, click here).

The photo was taken on November 16 after the completion of the most recent trip. Every time Curiosity arrives at its destination, in fact, always captures a low-resolution 360-degree panorama of its surroundings as a “souvenir photo”. However, after seeing the beauty of the landscape, the experts behind the rover decided to film it at the highest resolution possible. By the way, do you know that Curiosity found organic particles on Mars?

The spacecraft captured two separate images while looking at the slopes of Mount Sharp, the team then took them combine by adding color to highlight the lighting conditions at different times of the day. Surely a wonderful and evocative image that shows us the ultra-earthly beauty of Mars.

It is definitely not the last of its kind, as the Perseverance rover will also give us back breathtaking views and discoveries.

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