Here is the color influenced by Selena Gomez and Zendaya to wear with your eyes closed this summer!

The beautiful days are already here and for the pleasure of fashionistas, the summer manicure is too. Here is the color validated by Hollywood stars!

A beauty point that women do not leave to chance, the nails are subject to special treatments.

The current trend of the summer manicure to adopt has been conveyed for a few weeks by the star actress of Euphoria. And recently, Selena Gomez showed her penchant for style. Discover this iconic color that we will see on all hands in summer!

Selena and Zendaya’s summer manicure

If we are sailing in the middle of spring, the summer manicure to wear is already influencing fashionistas. As usual, it’s better to steal from others in terms of fashion and therefore get a head start. For the pleasure of fashionistas, one color tends to dominate the next season and the stars are already validating it! If during the spring, yellow made up all the fingers… another color is unanimous.

It’s about pastel… a color that comes in several dyes, it is entering the big leagues. This complexion is often perceived as synonymous with tenderness and softness. It is therefore more feminine than all other shades of color. And its little extra, pastel goes wonderfully well with all the outfits you want.

Last month, Zendaya flaunted it on the red carpet at an HBO production house event. Dressed in a Jerry Lorenzo suit, the young Californian completed her style with a trendy hairstyle for 2022. A well-done make-up and a summer manicure that can already be seen on her hands. For the occasion, she opts for a rejuvenating color.

The young model puts everything in the pastel pink to perfect her false nails. A wise choice, according to the experts. Because it would seem that a dark complexion highlights the imperfections of the fingers. Unlike lighter tones that give an optical effect of longer nails. And if pink doesn’t appeal to you too much for your summer manicure, opt for pastel lilac!

Selena Gomez pastel

If the interpreter of Rue Bennett favors a shade of pink, Selena Gomez for her bet on a completely different color. the pastel blue which is unanimous among fashionistas. Since the minimalist tone is still popular for the next season, the summer manicure will play more in the monochrome. And the young singer proves it once again!

The art of nail polish can be found in different methods. And if pastel, with all its shades, is the summer manicure to wear, you can always personalize your style. The French manicure is still popular, but in a minimalist version. Of course, it is also possible to opt for false nails as the case with these stars.

For her part, the star actress of Pretty Little Liars chooses to wear almond shaped nails. Which brings out the shape of his fingers perfectly. The mid-length structure she chose completes her look with a pleasant naturalness. And with this technique, she achieves an impeccable flawless performance. As a result, fashionistas validate her style to enter the summer 2022 manicure!

Unlike Zendaya, Selena Gomez’s summer manicure is claimed by the nail artist Tom Bachik. A talented and celebrity-loved beautician, he wouldn’t share the exact color he used on the singer’s hands. However, tones that look like it are available from various nail care suppliers such as OPI or Manucurist!

What are the advantages of pastel colors?

This summer manicure color has the advantage of being timeless. Pastel is literally a go-anywhere tone. But in addition, it has elegance and infinite delicacy. Finally, pastel can be worn on any nail shape and length.

If you want to wear pastel blue in this case, do not waste time! This color is worn especially during the hot seasons. In other words, a real summer manicure. For pastel pink, even if it’s a timeless tone, it’s better to wear it during fall or winter!

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