Here is the new sport that burns fat and while you lose calories you have fun as well

Playing sports can sometimes be boring, especially if you do it alone. If, on the other hand, we do it in company, it could already be more enjoyable. And if we take the courses, it will be even more fun. But after a while the movements are always the same and then one gets bored there as well. So here’s the new sport that burns fat and while you lose calories you have fun too, and let’s not talk about zumba, as much fun as it can be. But a new one. It exploded during the long period of lockdown, where he felt the need to give life to his body and release tension. The undisputed star of this sport is Caleb Marshall. But let’s try to understand better what it consists of.

Playing sports is very important

First of all, we want to emphasize how playing sports is essential for people’s health. Sport doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym every day, doing triathlons or lifting 100 pounds. What is important is exercise, so walking or even running is fine. Especially if we can’t do other types of movement, perhaps for a matter of age. So it’s important to keep your body toned and awake, and what better way than by dancing? And this is precisely the new sport that is becoming popular.

Here is the new sport that burns fat and while you lose calories you have fun as well

It is called dance training. This is a choreography that moves the muscles and tones them. It may look similar to zumba. The main difference is in the type of music. Zumba is done on Latin music, while dance training is on pop music. And therefore also the type of choreography will be different.

These are obviously simple choreographies, nothing transcendental. But they are very funny choreographies. They not only serve to tone the body, but will also make it more coordinated and loose.

At the moment there are still few gyms or structures that practice this sport. In America, however, it is already very widespread. But obviously YouTube or other platforms come to the rescue in this. In fact, it is possible to follow the workouts of our favorite trainers on these platforms and exercise at home in front of our TV. And since many people still do sports at home, it could be an interesting new workout. Also to be done in pairs, but be careful when you have to go right or left.


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