Here is the refined and elegant tropical plant that could promote relaxation and soothe stress

The problems of everyday life, stress, bad habits, and too much work put a strain on our physical and mental endurance.

The anxieties and tensions could undermine our immune system and make it more vulnerable to attack by viruses, bacteria and diseases in general. It therefore becomes necessary to try to slow down the frenetic pace and lighten the workload. For example, we can look for some alternative hobbies that can help us improve our situation.

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Valuable help comes from nature. In fact, dedicating time to plants, getting your hands dirty, taking care of their health could help improve mood and stave off stress.

Here is the refined and elegant tropical plant that could promote relaxation and soothe stress

So plants are not just a decoration that beautifies our homes. But they also have a beneficial effect on our physical and mental health.

For these reasons, today we at ProiezionidiBorsa want to offer our readers a very refined and useful tropical plant at home: the areca.

We are talking about a small evergreen and ornamental shrub, much appreciated for the beauty of its foliage. The areca is native to the Philippines and Malaysia and has an erect stem covered with lanceolate and pointed, dark green leaves.

In its areas of origin, this plant produces magnificent white flowers, while when grown in pots and indoors, it rarely blooms.

Areca is defined as an antibacterial plant, in fact it would help purify the home environment. Thanks to its characteristics, it would be able to remove all those harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene from the environment.

By breathing cleaner air, blood pressure should decrease, facilitating relaxation and tranquility. So here is the refined and elegant tropical plant that could promote relaxation and soothe stress.

How it is grown

Areca is a plant that loves light but not direct contact with the sun’s rays. It fears cold weather and winds that could ruin its leaves. At home, we remove the plant from radiators and other heat sources. It adapts to any type of soil, but prefers fertilized and well-drained ones.

The areca needs constant watering during all months of the year, always paying attention to water stagnation. Repotting should be done during the spring and when the roots come out of the pot holes.

The plant suffers a lot from the attacks of the cochineal and the red spider. We also pay attention to the rot of the roots caused by watering.


Many are unaware that this plant with an exotic charm perfectly purifies the air of the house

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