Here is what music to walk or run with to burn extra pounds and feel less fatigue

When you have little time to devote to sport, it is better to optimize the results. In most cases, it is not the amount of exercise that ensures the best effects. And in reality it is truly extraordinary how much more consumes those who walk a quarter of an hour uphill outdoors or on a treadmill. The benefits of physical activity increase if you insert changes to the usual schedule. And it is no coincidence that the body’s adaptations also improve in the presence of stimuli of a different nature. When the muscle groups that are used change, the effectiveness of the workouts increases at the same time. It is therefore useless to walk or run for many kilometers because more calories are consumed. On the other hand, it goes without saying that weight loss is one of the main reasons for practicing sports.

However, sometimes professional and family commitments make it difficult for many to train consistently. The question is therefore whether it is better to walk 3 quarters of an hour every day or more than 60 minutes 4 times a week. Whether it is therefore preferable to find time to go out on a daily basis or to favor longer training sessions. To these questions, however, should also be added the one relating to the role that listening to music plays during physical exertion. As many know, it is forbidden to wear caps during foot races and in particular at marathons. It is believed that the rhythm of some songs produces an effect on the brain comparable to doping. So here’s what music to walk or run with to burn extra pounds and feel less fatigue.

Here is what music to walk or run with to burn extra pounds and feel less fatigue

Listening to music while exercising could improve their performance. This is thanks to the positive effects that the sound suggestions and above all the rhythm of some pieces of music have. Accompanying the walks or runs with a list of rhythmic songs should in fact have a lower perception of fatigue. In fact, it seems that despite the kilometers already traveled there is still energy to spend. And this sensation helps you not to leave the track at the first sign of fatigue.

To improve resistance to effort and to increase walking speed, it is advisable to choose particular tracks. The ideal would be to select pieces whose bpm, or beats per minute, fits the heart rate. If you walk at a fast pace, it is advisable to listen to rhythms with a bpm that oscillates between 120 and 150. For those who prefer to run, they could try to get carried away by the notes of songs with bpm 170/190. With the help of a heart rate monitor, heart rates can be calculated and songs with a similar bpm can be associated with them. Those who do not have this tool can count the number of steps in 1 minute of walking and running. Based on the amount you get, you can go in search of the right songs to optimize your workouts.

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