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TEKKEN 8 will give players the opportunity to help make this chapter the best in the series: a closed beta test (CBT) of the game will begin on October 20 and will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC . Registration will be open at this link.

TEKKEN 8’s CBT will allow players to try out competitive online matches with cross-platform matchmaking, raising the level of competition by matching them with others no matter where they play. They will also be able to experience TEKKEN Fighting Lounge, a lobby where players can interact with each other and access new features and modes. In the lounge, you can create custom avatars, communicate with other players via chat and emotes, organize matchups, and have fun with deep customization and variety of game modes, through 4 distinct areas called Battle Area, Customization Shop , TEKKEN DOJO and Beach area. . The lounge will also see the return of Tekken Ball, the beloved mini-game that first appeared in TEKKEN 3, where epic battles are fought on beach volleyball courts. The TEKKEN 8 CBT will allow testers to try out the Battle Area and Customization Shop features, while Tekken Ball will not be available. More “TEKKEN Fight Lounge” features will be announced soon.

The CBT will have 19 characters. Jin, Kazuya, Jun, Paul, Law, King, Lars, Jack-8, Xiaoyu, Nina, Leroy, Lili, Asuka, Hwoarang, Bryan, Claudio will return for this beta, while Azucena, Raven and newcomer Feng will be playable . . There will also be various environments that will highlight the game’s many dynamic details, which some players may recognize from the numerous trailers released so far. These include Urban Square (night), Yakushima, Rebel Hangar, Sanctum, Arena, and Ortiz Farm, a new stage added by Closed Network Test.

Additionally, players who participated in the July 2023 closed network test and downloaded the build will be able to play the closed beta test after an update.

Beta test dates and more details:

October 11 at 09:00 CEST – Registration ends.
October 18 at 09:00 am CEST: Selected testers will receive a notification and a code to redeem.
October 20 at 10:00 am CEST: Closed beta testing begins.
October 21 from 10:00 to 13:00 CEST – Suspension of the Closed Beta Test due to server maintenance.
October 23 at 09:00 am CEST: Closed beta test ends.

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