here’s everything we know about his upcoming album “Midnights”

No re-recorded album this year for Taylor Swift, but a 10th studio album! It was during the VMAs of 2022 that the famous singer announced the news, to the delight of her fans. Highly anticipated, Midnights will be released on October 21. While waiting to find out, here is all the information we were able to gather.

Four versions of the album will be available with different colors: Moonstone Blue Edition (the standard version), Jade Green Edition, Blood Moon Edition and Mahogany Edition. Each of his albums includes thirteen songs, a lyric booklet and never-before-seen photos. As so often, bonus content will also be available, called lavender edition. It includes three tracks including two remixes that will not be included in the other four editions of the album.

The songs in the album Midnights by Taylor Swift

On his TikTok account, the interpreter of Bad Blood started revealing the random titles of some of his upcoming songs in a video called Midnights Mayhem With Me. For the moment, here are the titles revealed:

2. Maroon

3. Anti Hero

6. Midnight Rain

7. Question…?

8. Vigilante S—

9. Bejeweled

13. Mastermind

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The themes tackled by Taylor Swift in her 10th album

In this album, the star will return to more personal subjects compared to the last two. “Here are the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life”she revealed on Midnights in an Instagram post, “It’s a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams”.

The song Anti-hero (number 3) is particularly important to Taylor Swift, as she indicated in an Instagram video: “I don’t think I’ve delved into my insecurities in detail before”. The actress soon to star inamsterdam indicated that it was a compendium of everything she hates about herself. The 32-year-old singer, however, assures us that we should not worry for her so far, because this song has been beneficial for her. Looking forward to being able to listen to it!

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