“Here’s how I found out. Su China Suárez …”

The final word on the telenovela of Mauro Icardi’s betrayal to Wanda Nara with China Suarez, it hasn’t arrived yet. Meanwhile, the showgirl and wife of the former Inter striker told the Argentine media the background of the story and revealed the current situation. Here are his statements:

Wanda Nara on Icardi’s betrayal

“How did I find out? We were in a field with the girls on horseback. A girl who organizes our parties asked me for a photo of them, I knew there were some on Mauro’s phone and when I looked I saw the screenshots of a conversation with a very famous woman that everyone already knows. The first thing that came into my head was anger, so I put the famous story that started it all. “

Wanda Nara on China Suárez

“I was not a friend of China Suárez. I had a cordial relationship and from what I saw my anger was perhaps a bit macho, I blamed her. But then I realized I had nothing against her. Never have I ever been in an open relationship, and to me a text is a divorce. The messages said things that a woman with the values ​​I have would never write. When I spoke to her, I apologized for the story with that inelegant word. Was there a video call with China? Five days after that alleged meeting “.

Wanda Nara on the relationship between Icardi and China Suárez

“If China and Mauro met? Yes, she told me it was nothing and I think anything could have happened, but it’s true that nothing happened. It seems so, she came to Paris. Many have said and I wrote that I have seen other things about Mauro, but there is nothing more false. I swear on my five children that I have never had this kind of problem with him. But when all this happened I got overheated, I took the first plane I had and I went back to my home in Italy “.

Wanda Nara on peace with Icardi

“We think about the affection we have for each other and that it was the big mistake of his life, I tell you that we said little things. He told me other things about famous people. You can also get confused at a certain point and say ‘I don’t want to continue.’ He told me he wanted to leave PSG but we don’t know if that’s true (laughs). we have”.

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