Here’s how to clone Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl remakes

Just a few days have passed since the launch of Pokémon Shining Diamond And Shining Pearl and fans have already got to find numerous methods in order to make the most of the unexpected problems of the game code. Some are now well known, just think of the possibility of catching Shaymin or the exploit to have infinite Spiritombs. The discovery of a new and interesting glitch would make it possible clone Pokémon and items. The credit belongs to the user Twitter Kevinfor5 which, through a tweet, shares what was found.

Attention: The process takes a few seconds, but it is important that you follow the steps meticulously. It is recommended that you save your game data before practicing this method.

For clone Pokémon must go to thePokémon Hostel, located at Phleminia. Open the screen Box, also accessible from Main menu pressing the option Pokémon and subsequently the R button. It is necessary move 2 Pokémon: the first in the lower right corner; the second in the same corner, but in the next box. (the glitch is tested and is effective even if the Pokémon are married in other places than those indicated, the important thing is that the chosen positions are correspondents).

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