Here’s how to eat after age 65 to reduce the symptoms of aging and energize the body

The passing of the years is not always a bad thing. If you can keep your body in shape, you don’t even notice the advancing age. Obviously, however, it is inevitable that the body undergoes changes. Therefore, these changes must not go unheard.

It is very important to listen to what the body says and take the right precautions. This way you may be able to delay some effects of aging. A very important element is nutrition. In fact, we know that food is essential for the proper functioning of our body. So here’s how to eat after age 65 to reduce the symptoms of aging and energize your body.

We will see how some rules are identical to those of normal proper nutrition. In other cases, after the age of 60 it will be necessary to pay more attention to certain foods and habits.

Healthy nutrition as a basic principle

Having a healthy diet without excesses is important at any age. In fact, we start from an early age to nourish the intestinal microbiota and build our metabolism. According to the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, eating properly is directly proportional to a person’s state of health.

So, as in youth, even in old age it is important to eat lots of fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Then the list continues with cereals (preferably whole), legumes and good water. It is also advisable to avoid an excess in the consumption of animal fats and simple sugars. But what changes in an adult’s diet after the age of 65?

Here’s how to eat after age 65 to reduce the symptoms of aging and energize the body

Usually, one of the problems of aging is the tendency to gain weight. Basal metabolic rate slows down and anything you put in your mouth is hard to burn. Hence, it is good to check the quantities of what you eat. This does not mean giving up food, but decreasing portions. This way you can keep your weight under control.

Speaking of metabolism, at a certain age it may seem that the gut does not work as it should. This is why it is necessary to promote its functioning by eating foods rich in fiber such as legumes, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Such a structured diet also helps prevent diseases such as cancer.

Food will also need to be modified as needed. Too hard foods with dental problems are not recommended. Furthermore, it is good to seek advice from your doctor regarding the pathologies that you have or that could emerge. Some drugs can alter the normal state of appetite but also the correct functioning of some organic processes.

At the same time, it often happens that after the age of 60 the sense of thirst decreases. This leads to a lower water intake and also to dehydration. On the contrary, it is essential to take in enough water to remineralize the body and fortify it.


Thus, losing weight after the age of 50 is possible by reactivating the metabolism

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