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As is well known, in a capital crowded with sets, there is also the one of Without Blood with Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt joined her in Rome, not for a flashback, but for family reasons.

We all know how they broke up Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie, two actors who founded one of the most beautiful couples, apparently happy and envied in Hollywood, until the end of their story. The aftermath has not yet run out, as Pitt is still engaged in a legal battle with his ex over selling his share of their vineyards in France to a Russian oligarch. However, like it or not, together the two also have children and this is a bond that not even the end of a great love can break. Rome in this period is crowded with Italian and foreign film and television sets, and the fans did not miss the visit that Brad Pitt made to the ex Angelina Jolie, who is shooting in the capital Without Blood (from the book of Alessandro Baricco “Without blood”) and who also found the time to accompany his daughter Shiloh to the concert of the now unstoppable Maneskin at the Circus Maximus. Backfire? No, the reason has to do with the children. To testify the arrival of Brad Pitt in Rome, as usual in splendid shape, this photo that ended up on social media, taken in Fiumicino.

Because Brad Pitt joined Angelina Jolie in Rome

The reason for the arrival of the charming Brad in Rome is the birthday of the twins Knox And Vivienne, who turn 14. According to a source reported by Hollywood Life, Angelina Jolie would have appreciated the ex’s support: “She always goes out of her way to make sure the children spend time with their father, especially on special occasions like birthdays and holidays, but in this situation she was in trouble, so the fact that Brad is both stepped forward and embarked on the journey took an enormous burden off her shoulders, and her effort did not go unnoticed ”.

Always according to the same source, obviously anonymous: “Generally they have no contact, all communication between them, including the organization of the children, is handled by third parties because they are still busy fighting each other in court. But Angelina tries to defend the children. children from this as much as she can, because she wants them to have a healthy relationship with their father, regardless of what she thinks of him. ” In short, unshakable Brangelina fans, more than a rapprochement between lovers, all this suggests a gesture of good will for the love of the children, which seems more than praiseworthy in itself.

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