Here’s who Cleo’s kidnapper is: everything we know

The man she kidnapped Cleo Smith, the 4-year-old Australian girl found 18 days after being reported missing, is called Terry Kelly. Arrested on Thursday evening, the 36-year-old will have to answer for various crimes including that of kidnapping. According to what is learned from the Daily Mail, Kelly is obsessed with dolls and on social media he usually post photos with his imaginary family.

The finding of Cleo

Cleo was found 18 days after she went missing in an apartment in Carnavon, Western Australia. To signal the presence of man “solitary“who wandered suspiciously in a local market had been the residents of the small Australian town stranger he was tracked down to a battered and dirty house where the child had been segregated for two weeks. The detectives said that at the time of the rescue, Cleo was wearing clean pajamas, was combed and had dolls with her. The little girl was immediately entrusted to her mother.

Who is the kidnapper of the Australian child

About 24 hours after the arrest, the first rumors about the kidnapper by Cleo Smith, 36-year-old Australian Terry Kelly. These are details that are disturbing and macabre to say the least. According to what is learned from various sources, the man would have a real passion for the Bratz – delle dolls of the latest generation – which he would collect in series. On social media he would usually share photos of his imaginary family but the neighbors ensure that “has no children“. He lives about 7 minutes from Mr and Mrs Smith’s house: a little closet covered with weeds and weeds.”I have children of the same age – a neighbor told the Daily Mail – I saw him go in and out but never interacted with him. This is a very quiet and private neighborhood“Kelly was arrested on Wednesday evening: he will have to answer for several crimes, including kidnapping.

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