HEREU is a globally successful, genderless accessories brand worn by celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Hailey Bieber.

About a decade ago, Jose Luis Bartolome and Albert Escribano They created a brand of bags and shoes where contemporary design and artisanal manufacturing go hand in hand.

José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano had for years been “immersed in the cultural mix of London and Paris”, two capitals where they had developed their careers in the world of fashion, when they decided to put their professional careers on hold and launch their own. Brand. year was 2014 And the desire to reconnect with her Mediterranean roots fueled her to establish HEREU, a label of bags and shoes for women and men.

“It began as a personal project inspired by our culture and memories of the Mediterranean. It was a real adventure For us, as it should be for most entrepreneurs, but we probably managed to attract a few interesting stores in the first season, which gave us the initial push,” he says of the firm’s beginnings.

rough start

The initially good reception gave the founders optimism, but the company did not begin to grow until three years after the first collection was launched. They confirm that at HEREU they started with just the two of them “exploring every aspect of the business. We had the help of friends working in the industry who were a good guide.” And they say “it wasn’t until third year Just when we thought the brand had made a splash.

Some artisanal artefacts of HEREU.

About to celebrate a decade of existence (next year they’ll blow out 10 candles), Bartolomé & Escribano claims the firm’s reason for being, that its name comes from the “Catalan word for ‘heir’, reflects the brand’s honest commitment to represents to build A Design Legacy”. And how do they strengthen this legacy? “Thanks to our ongoing partnership with a network of independent makers throughout Spain who have preserved traditional artisan techniques for generations,” they answer.

from toledo or alicante to the rest of the world

HEREU’s proposals are on sale in some of the most exclusive multi-brand stores in the world, from Paris to New York or Milan, but all the designs are created in different parts of Spain. As an example, they point out that moccasins are made in Toledo and other shoes in Alicante, everything depends on the type of technology used in the manufacturing process. “When we decide to adopt a certain way of doing things, We look for artisans who have worked on these products for a long time, For example, in our moccasin factory they have been making hand-stitched moccasins for several decades,” he explains.

In this sense, the artistic nature of the label is clear and it is enough to see some of its bags or shoes in person to verify this. Symbiosis of design and tradition Which they want to broadcast. This is evident once again in this fall-winter 2023-2024 collection, where we find new versions of classics such as the ‘Espiga’ bag (with braided handles and fluffy exterior) or the ‘Alber’ shoes, which both Is a hybrid between. Moccasins and Mercedita

artisan knots

The most recognizable signature of his shoes and bags are the knots, a detail that completely transforms each piece and reflects the pursuit of the most impeccable manufacturing. “The hand weaving and knitting work on leather that we have applied to both shoes and bags made by women Artisans who have been doing this for a long time. The main challenge is to get these artisans to use their skills in slightly different designs and push the boundaries a little further, but they are happy with the results and that is very refreshing for them,” he says, adding that they value The union between artisan tradition and contemporary design.

HEREU bag with its distinctive braiding.

celebrities like actresses Emily Blunt, Kristen Stewart, Priyanka Chopra or model Hailey Bieber She has included some pieces from HEREU in her coveted wardrobe, which is a guarantee of her good international reception. Collaboration with foreign firms also confirms the global success of this independent firm. Among them, those made with the cult Danish brand Cecil Bahnsen, the Australian label Comas or the British studio Nicholson, a reference to the minimalist style.

for men and women

Although most of the celebrities who devote themselves to HEREU’s creations are women, the truth is that their designs do not differentiate between genders. It is true that in their online store you can find men’s and women’s clothing, but the brand says that “We live in a time in which silhouettes in general are not so strict in terms of gender. Our design and manufacturing shoes Based on classic silhouettes and reinterpreted regardless of gender Of the person who will buy/take it”.

Shoes here.

Valuing the work of artisans of previous generations is not the only thing in which HEREU looks to the past, it also tries to bet on forms of production that are far from the pace prevalent in the current industry. In the words of its founders, “As a company we strive to emulate the way previous generations manufactured and distributed, which we believe is kinder to our planet and the people we work with.” is more respectable. Our goal is to make Timeless, high quality products that have a long useful life. And in that useful life they incorporate the concept of sustainability in the face of overproduction and overconsumption. With the confidence of a job well done, José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano face 10 years of HEREU’s life with ambition, but without forgetting the origins of the firm. The ultimate objective is clear: “Strengthen the brand without abandoning core values.”

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