Hey salute up and down the stage at the festival

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Many hats were seen on and off the stage at the first edition of the Arré regional Mexican music festival on Saturday in Mexico City.

Shoes, which traditionally come with hats, were not so common, as most of the 70,000 attendees on the first day of the festival opted for tennis shoes as opposed to the musical marathon between the main stage, which included Natanael Cano and La Arrolladora Banda performed. Limón and the alternative stage by El René Camacho, where artists such as Fuerza Resida and Alicia Villarreal were present. Jeans and wide buckle belts, which completed the outfit, were very popular.

“This is the first Hey Fest, so you’re going to go down in history tonight. Thank you very much for joining us,” said Villarreal, who, wearing a hat decorated with fancy rhinestones, sang “Acaso Estar Tu,” “Te Te Vas Grande La Yegua,” “Te Gayedasa” and Sung hit songs like “Yo Sin Tu Amor”.

The main stage was called La Hacienda and had several floors. It recreated that type of Mexican country mansion, with tile roofs, a cantina, and balcony windows that were illuminated from within in the evening. There were also fireworks and a large walkway where performers paraded while singing.

The most anticipated of the evening was Cano having as guest during his concert Gabito Ballesteros for “AMG” and “Lady Gaga” as well as the singer of Fuerza Regida, Jesús Ortiz Paz in “CH y la Pizza”. Presented in. Midnight. The star of Corridos Tumbados, who usually talks about organized crime and drugs, needed a moment to take oxygen on stage, as he was affected by the altitude of the city.

“I’m very upset… They told me Nata, don’t jump, don’t run, you’ll get tired, I don’t care,” said Cano, who is originally from Hermosillo, Sonora. A city almost at sea level. “Because we’re going to have a crazy time tonight.”

Cano, whose battle cry “And if they know it, they sing it” played several times during the concert, remained happy, drinking a bottle of wine and dancing with the dancers, who at some point had been part of his staging. Used to carry a rifle as. She began her performance with “My Beautiful Angel”, originally written by America Sierra, and ended it with a reprise of the same song. His other famous songs were “I Criticize Me”, “More High Than Low”, “La Locerona”, “Diamonds” and “Bakas of Bills”.

Fuerza Resida, a group originally from San Bernardino, California, was one of the most anticipated performances of the day in their debut in the capital, in which in addition to “CH y la Pizza” they performed “Sabor Strawberry”, “TQM” . ”, “Igualito to my father” and “They said I wouldn’t make it.”

“This is our first time in this beautiful city,” Ortiz Paz said. “Remember this is not a concert, it’s a celebration!”

Another American artist to win at the Array was Chiquis, who took the main stage where she toasted with tequila and gave her fans a fur hat, as well as red roses and a gold tiara. Chiquis remembered her mother, the late “Diva de la Banda” Jenni Rivera when she performed “De Contrabando” and “Ovarios”. She also included “Paloma Negra”, “Queen Bee” and “A Lo Lest” in her rendition.

“This is for you,” Chiquis said as he toasted his first “shot” of tequila with the public. “I wish you abundance, peace, love, affection and lots of sex.”

“With women who don’t worry about having cellulite like me!” he said later. “It is worthy of my puritanical mother.”

Californian Danilux and Mexican Sandra Echeverría also performed at La Hacienda. Echeverría asked to congratulate his son Andrés, who turned exactly 8 years old on Saturday. Other artists performing during the day were American trio Conexion Divina and Grupo Marca Registrada from Culiacán, Sinaloa.

The Arré festivities will continue on Sunday with performances by Paso Pluma, Camila Fernández, Pescado, Los Aptos and Ramon Ayala y sus Bravos del Norte.

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