High education executive under federal investigation never submitted annual reports corresponding to his corporation

The manager of the Auxiliary Secretary of Technical Education of the Education deparment (OF), Kelvin Pagan The Lightwhose agency office and residence were raided Wednesday by federal agents, Failure to submit annual reports Department of State corresponding to a corporation that registered on October 18, 2019.

Capoheart, RBS Incorporated was incorporated as a nonprofit entity dedicated to “professional development, continuing education, sports and cycling training, road bike sport, MTB (mountain bike) sport, and related sports,” according to the Department’s registry of corporations. of State. Annual reports are documents that include, among other information, the assets and liabilities of the corporation.

The search carried out by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the United States Department of Education It is related to an investigation into alleged irregularities committed by Pagán La Luz in the use of federal funds. After the federal operation, the Secretary of Education, Eliezer Ramos Parés, removed Pagán La Luz from his duties as manager.

Shortly after the search, a couple of blocks from the Education headquarters, expert agents in forensic investigations of electronic equipment -such as computers- also raided a “penthouse” apartment in the Parque de las Fuentes condominium, in Hato Rey, where Pagán lives. The light. The address of that property is the same that Pagán La Luz used to incorporate Capoheart, RBS Incorporated.

A source from El Nuevo Día with knowledge of the investigation indicated that a possible embezzlement scheme of public funds is being investigated.

In relation to the entity, Pagán La Luz had to submit the annual reports corresponding to the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. The State Department confirmed to El Nuevo Día that none of the three reports had been submitted.

Despite the omission, the entity was still active yesterday and there was no action on record by the State Department, which, ordinarily, when an omission of this type occurs, must send a notification to indicate the breach and, if there is no a favorable response, proceed with the corresponding disciplinary action.

Prior to Pagán La Luz incorporating the non-profit entity, the official served as president of Capoheart RBS Inc., incorporated on March 9, 2016, as a for-profit corporation by a person identified as Romi Gonzalez.

Said corporation had the purpose of “training cyclists in practical and theoretical aspects, carrying out practices and sporting events,” and “also engage in any lawful purpose under the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.”

Since it also did not comply with the filing of its annual reports, the Department of State decided to revoke the incorporation and cancel the entity on December 21, 2018.

Pagán La Luz was director of the Aguas Buenas Vocational School. In 2016, he came to the Caguas Regional Office to work with Human Resources. Then, in 2017, the former secretary and convicted of corruption Julia Kelher appointed him as director of Technical Education in the central administration of the agency. In 2020, the former secretary Eligio Hernandez appointed him manager, which is a regular or career position at the agency, to continue directing Technical Education.

The new day requested the Office of Government Ethics (OEG) information regarding whether Pagán La Luz, a public employee, had notified or should have requested authorization prior to its participation in a for-profit corporation and another non-profit. But the OEG responded that “it does not evaluate nor is it the entity that authorizes a public servant who is interested in having a second job or additional responsibilities.”

“That power falls on the appointing authority to whom the public servant responds. That appointing authority is the one to notify of second jobs or additional responsibilities. When only the jurisdiction of the Office enters, it is when that second job or additional responsibility has the effect of undermining its independence of criteria or represents a conflict in the performance of its official functions, “said the OEG through its spokesperson, Jennifer Rodriguez Ayala.

The new day requested information from Education, but it was not provided. “After the request for information by the Office of the Inspector General, we will give space and full collaboration to the course of the investigation. Therefore, we will not make expressions related to the evaluation that began yesterday (Wednesday) in the Department of Education”, the agency limited itself to responding.

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