High-performance athletes appreciate the support of the Marty Group

Sports promote a person’s physical health and well-being, in addition to generating wealth and diversifying the labor market. Program making olympic dreams (CRESO) hosts 123 athletes in disciplines such as basketball, boxing, taekwondo, table tennis one of two volleyball,

during a meeting held at the facilities of marty corporateTaekwondo stalwarts Luisito Pai and boxer Cristian Pinales thanked the business group for their support.

This activity was done with an aim to know the achievements and stories of the athletes. Also know its importance and impact Croesus In the lives of these Dominican athletes.

According to Pinales, one of the achievements of the organization is that they have already classified pan american games 2023, “They are waiting for us to give our all and come out on top with a medal,” said the boxer.

While Pai pointed out that sports is a branch that offers opportunities ranging from representing the country of origin, getting a scholarship to study abroad, to being in a military institute.

“It’s a race that makes us dream big,” said the athlete. Also, he suggested that people who practice any sports discipline get an opportunity to learn about initiatives like CRESO. Likewise, he urged Dominican businessmen to join the initiative.

CRESO is a non-profit organization that has been investing in the sports and educational development of high-performance athletes in the Dominican Republic for more than 10 years.

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