High school music for Christmas

Dressed in the image projected abroad by the music bands of North American schools, the nearly 30 students that make up the Catholic Central Marching Band of the boys’ school located in Detroit (Michigan-USA) toured on the eve of the night of Three Kings the streets of the historic center of the city to offer a parade and an impromptu concert in the Azoguejo where they performed adaptations for percussion and wind instruments of marches and pop hits by Lady Gaga or Coldplay. With almost military discipline, the students paraded down Calle Real to the surprise of locals and strangers, who peeked out from the shops where they finalized their Christmas purchases as the band passed by, which has its roots in the tradition of the musical groups of the American high school.
Thus, in the case of the Detroit Catholic School, the institution has two full-size bands. The concert band has between 15 and 30 students, and previous instrumental experience is required. The symphonic band has between 50 and 70 students, and placement is based on audition or skills exhibited in concert band. The creation of the Catholic Central Marching Band dates back to 1938. The band marches at college football games and is made up of members of the Symphonic and Concert Band.
The educational institution was founded by the congregation of Basilian Fathers in the United States, a teaching order founded at the beginning of the 19th century, after the French Revolution in the midst of strong persecution against the Catholic Church. They define themselves as “an active and apostolic community with simple vows, which seeks the glory of God in all forms of priestly activity compatible with common life, especially in works of education and evangelization.”

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