Highest paid singers in the past 10 years, here are the richest voices


Who are i singers highest paid in the last 10 years? Let’s find out together which are the vocal artists who have made the most turnover in the last decade with this special ranking. We are therefore talking about particularly modern musicians, or in any case still on the crest of the wave. Here is the top ten.

Highest paid singers, the ranking

Dr Dre ($ 950 million),
Taylor Swift ($ 825 million),
Beyoncé ($ 685 million),
U2 ($ 675 million),
P. Diddy ($ 605 million),
Elton John ($ 565 million),
Jay-Z ($ 560 million),
Paul McCartney ($ 535 million),
Katy Perry ($ 530 million),
Lady Gaga ($ 500 million).

Podio, the highest paid singers

As often happens, to provide the ranking of these rich people of the singing art Forbes. There are not too many explanations in the list, other than the fact that it refers to the proceeds received in the last 10 years. However, we do not know what the sources of these revenues are, that is, if it is mainly earnings derived from live shows, or from record sales, or even from sponsorships or even extra activities, which is not to be excluded if we consider that many singers at some point of their career they also become entrepreneurs not only of themselves, a sort of living multinationals.


Let’s focus on the podium, we have the singer BeyoncĂ©, 40, besides being a songwriter, she is also a dancer and entrepreneur. In second place Taylor Swift, now the undisputed queen of country pop. In the first place Dr Dre, stage name of Andre Romelle Young, rapper, record producer and entrepreneur. All three are from the United States.

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