Hiko says CS2 needs to catch up to Valorant with one key feature

Declan Mclaughlin

Former Counter-Strike and Valorant pro Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin talked about how CS2 needs to catch up to Valorant with one key feature.

Fans have been comparing FPS titles from Valve and Riot Games since Valorant launched in 2020. The comparisons have only gotten more intense when Valve released CS2 this year.

However, the CS2 community has also been busy asking Valve to fix its game, as the title has been plagued with bugs and glitches since its release. The professional scene has been the most affected by the change, as it has caused massive changes to team rosters and even caused one high-level player to take a break until the game is more playable.

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Hiko, who played both games professionally, talked about Valve’s new title while looking at his leaderboard in a recent stream and said that CS2 is missing a key area compared to Valorant at the moment.

Hiko says Valorant has something on CS2 right now

The former 100 Thieves player said that Valorant has a much better anti-cheat system than CS2 and that hackers and cheaters abound in the Valve title.

“I don’t play against many hackers in Valorant of the highest rank. While the highest rank in this game, everyone complains about it,” Hiko said.

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He also complained about how Valorant players were initially skeptical about Riot’s kernel-level anti-cheat being installed on their computers, but he hasn’t heard anyone complain about it since the first year.

Valve has anti-cheat software for CS2; However, it is not as invasive as Riot’s nor as good at detecting players using hacks. The new game uses anti-cheat AI that Valve says will improve over time. The developer has also said that it will crack down on cheaters by stopping matches when cheating is detected and going after accounts associated with accounts that use cheats.

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