Hipólito defends presidential trips without revelry

Former President Hipólito Mejía defended the relevance, both bilaterally and multilaterally, that actions linked to the so-called “presidential diplomacy” increasingly constitute when referring to the trips made by the presidents of the Republic to The last decades.

It stands out that even in the 1980s, direct contact between presidents was scarce, prevailing a diplomatic practice based on written communications, by ordinary mail, by fax, or by cable, and through rare telephone communications.

However, it expresses that the rapid development of the means of communication and transportation in the last thirty years has put an end to a much more efficient and active diplomacy, which has directly involved the leaders of the different nations, which has translated into notable benefits for the economic, commercial and political relations of the States.

In this regard, he considers it appropriate to point out that of the 34 trips he made during his presidential administration (2000-2004), each one of them responded to a high interest of the State, which translated into tangible benefits for the Dominican Republic.

“It is worth noting that, both in my public and private life, I have characterized myself as an austere person, so much so that even on my presidential trips I always stayed in low-budget hotels and ate with the humility that I have always done, In addition to the fact that I do not consume alcoholic beverages of any kind, ”highlights former president Hipólito Mejía.

“Likewise, I can assure you that the journeys I led never constituted troupes of brotherhoods and that each of the chosen participants played a fundamental role in structuring them,” he exclaims.

That has been my lifelong practice, except politely assumed when travel expenses were borne by governments that kindly invited me.

It highlights that the results appear in the annals of the government that I then presided over, without any of them having been used to develop personal agendas charged to the Dominican treasury.

Mejía thus responds to a study carried out and published by journalist Julissa Céspedes on the cost of presidential trips abroad.

Referring to a study on which official trips have cost the State millions of pesos”, among which he is included, he expressed that he finds it useful to ponder the relevance that actions linked to the so-called “presidential diplomacy” increasingly constitute in decades, both bilaterally and multilaterally.

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