Hipólito Polanco resigns from the PLD

His disgust with the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) has a long time, but it was not until today that the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Hipolito Polanco decided to resign from the purple entity.

The announcement was made through a video that he posted on his Twitter account. Polanco said that his departure from PLD due to various problems within the entity such as “the kidnapping of internal democracy and the imposition of candidates”.

“I have made the firm and irrevocable decision to resign from the PLD for various reasons, the kidnapping of internal democracy, the imposition of candidates, because they have separated it from the principles and values ​​that gave rise to the organization and because they have it at the service of the worst interests of the Dominican Republic”Hipolito PolancoPolitician

His words sound like Deja vu, But they are not. Two years ago he exposed these same complaints as the cause of the purple party losing the elections in 2020.

In addition, on several occasions he has denounced before public opinion that the decisions in the PLD They are taken by a leadership, leaving out the party bases.

On his journey in PLDPolanco had tried to represent the party as a presidential candidate without success.

He tried to be a candidate when Danilo Medina was chosen without a primary or convention. Then in 2019 he appealed to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to participate in the open primaries and be the 12th pre-candidate of the PLDbut he did not receive the support of his party, which had previously chosen Gonzalo Castillo as the favorite in “the polls” to be the presidential candidate for the 2020 elections.

In this new opportunity, with two years to go before the next elections, Polanco once again expressed his interest in participating again in the electoral processes for 2024.

However, he did not sign that pre-candidate agreement promoted by the Political Committee in February of this year. Said agreement established that the signatory candidates undertook to support whoever was favored in the October 2022 consultation.

Margarita Cedeño, Abel Martínez, Karen Ricardo, Maritza Hernández and Francisco Domínguez Brito they signed the agreement.

Polanco did not say which political entity he will go to after leaving the PLD.

In recent weeks, the PLD has lost members of its Political and Central Committee: Rafael Paz, Leonardo Grisanty, Rafael Castillo, among others.

Dominican journalist and broadcaster.

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