his $2 million car destroyed by his employee

Currently on vacation after an emotionally and physically trying end to the season. Cristiano Ronaldo was still treated to a bad surprise.

Blow to Cristiano Ronaldo: his $ 2 million car destroyed by his employee

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Blow to Cristiano Ronaldo: his $ 2 million car destroyed by his employee

Last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo made the choice of the heart and decided to return to play football in the club that revealed him at the highest level, Manchester United. A season that turned out to be disappointing from a collective point of view, since the club did not meet its objectives. Despite his 37 years, the Portuguese carried his teammates at arm’s length (and feet). The season was also emotionally tough as he experienced the loss of a newborn baby. The player could therefore count on his vacation to refuel. It was without counting on the mechanical problem who was going to touch him.

Family holidays

Currently on vacation in Majorca, in the Balearic Islands. The husband of Georgina Rodriguez is resourced in the company of his small family. The Portuguese season has not been the easiest, beyond the disappointing sporting record at club level. Georgina and him especially perdu a newborn, a grandson, while they were expecting twins. “It’s the most intense pain parents can feelr”, he wrote on his Instagram account.

During this little family vacation, the player took the opportunity to say hello to his fans, sharing on Instagram a moment of common life. However, this holiday did not go as planned. According to the Spanish media Ultima Hora, one of Cristiano’s cars had an accident.

$2 million car wrecked

This Monday, June 20, 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bugatti Veyron, worth $2 millionended up in “the gate of a property. The family was not present at the time of the accident and the driver is said to be an employee of the latter. Fortunately, there were no injuries…except the car.

Still according to the media, the Bugatti lost its butane tank. However, the footballer does not lack means of transport, since he had thought of taking not one, but two Bugattis. For family outings, he also thought of taking a Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

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